Monday, June 1, 2020

Baby Steps

We took our first steps out into the world yesterday. I let The Mister, gloved and masked, get out of the car and put his bills in the mail box in front of the post office. That's as far as we've been out in the world since St Patrick's Day. We drive around sometimes but we never get out of the car. 

Today we take another big step. We are picking up our groceries curbside instead of having them delivered so I spent yesterday making some masks. Everyone here is wearing a cloth mask of some sort and The Mister only has our hardware store variety dust mask so a project was born.  I found a very simple pattern on You Tube that even I could follow and started an assembly line. 

Ta dah....they are not the most chic masks but they will work. Pup has a curbside pick up at the vet's on Thursday so we have to be prepared. 

The big problem was finding "man material". It seems that both mine and dad's stash is a bit on the frou frou side for The Mister. I'll take a deeper dive into the stash tomorrow. 


  1. I think the black stars would work for a man. The zig zags would to, in my opinion. I've seen guys wearing some pretty crazy colors. If he's stuck on plain, you could always use an old tee shirt and double up the fabric.

  2. Nice looking masks, thankfully My Mom and a neighbor sew and our daughter so we have six masks! :)

  3. I really like your masks much better than the ones I made. Do you remember which pattern you used? I actually ventured into the grocery store on Friday because so many things weren't available on cheese. So I was there at 5:00 am with only about 10 other customers. I was in and out pretty fast and stocked up on several things I can't seem to get online. My mask did get pretty hot though. I can't imagine wearing it in the heat of the summer.
    Take care my friend and stay safe.

    1. It was from Craft Dolly on You Tube.

  4. Your masks are nice. I like the extended coverage under your glasses. My glasses keep fogging up with my masks. Wonder if your style works better for that. Should you run out of elastic, someone I know used cut up pantyhose. Very clever! and soft around your ears.

  5. I have made a whole bunch of them and we wear them all the time although a lot of people in Florida are not wearing them at all. When I was at Joann's this past weekend for foam they had a huge selection of them for sale near the cash register. Stay safe.

  6. It will be a surreal visit to the store--so many are without masks here. I'm staying guarded.
    Great job on the masks!

  7. Mom made a mask for a friend... and next thing you know... she's made about 100 for others!
    She had the same problem finding manly fabric, so I went through my stash and pulled every manly fat quarter I could for her.
    I guess it's going to be girly quilts for me for a while! Lol.

  8. Good for you! I’ve been out about five times since mid-March. I’d feel more comfortable going out if masks were required, but so many people here think it’s a violation of their rights. I don’t understand the logic.

  9. Nice masks and I agree with Dee - they would be fine for The Mister. Fletch just uses one of his dust masks from the hardware store.

  10. Your masks turned out great. I have been making masks for a dog rescue group's fundraising. I had the same lack of fabric that I felt a guy would tolerate wearing. Then I dug out some Route 66 fabric and found a few others that would work. It's no telling what you will find near the bottom of your stash.

  11. Good to see you DEB!!!!!! We just walked a bit of the Lake trail. We were the only ones out there. It was great to see the sunset and see boats and flowers. We have done curbside only since mid march. We do miss seeing our friends. I hope your family is ok

  12. I've been making masks for the neighbors and family for a while and you're right - man fabric is a little difficult to locate. I've made some purchases from Etsy which have been very good. '
    Been blessed to have two what we're calling "front porch" visits -- socially-distanced but totally enjoyable.