Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Third Row

It's still hot and muggy here so I got another day to tackle some of the things I am working on. I sat down to make another hexie block but soon realized I needed to add a row of sashing before I did. 

It's on but it was a job. I like the way this looks but am sorry I decided to go with it in the first place. It's going to take forever. In case you are wondering, those last two blocks are not sewn down yet. It's why they look off center to the rest of the rows. I did a double take myself before I realized that they were just laying on the floor so I could check out the colors. 

Now I can get those other blocks pieced together and appliqued down in peace for a while. It's my favorite part. 


  1. I think it's going to look beautiful. I haven't got the patience to make those blocks but I sure admire yours.

  2. It is looking so pretty! Good job on the sashing!

  3. I love the look of pieced borders and sashing, but it's so much math and work! This is going to look amazing when it's done. You will be glad you did it.

  4. It is just beautiful even if it is taking forever. Colors are so happy looking.

  5. It looks like so much fun. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Stay safe.