Wednesday, June 10, 2020

All By Myself

Since we've had only one new case of Covid in the area in the past two weeks The Mister and I agreed that he could head out to the golf course yesterday. He got a very stern talking to before he went. I stopped short of making him write out a will. After all we've done to stay safe he better darn sight not bring anything home.

I could have spent the day sewing but instead I pushed it all aside so I could make a soap mess instead. 

I am down to my last three bars of Jewelweed soap and I can't do without it. It's not only good for poison ivy. I also find it soothing for bug bites and at the moment I am covered with them. I even had something sting me on the arm when I went out to mix the lye on the desk. It's awful out there. I am an itchy mess.

I had just enough of the beautiful dark green infused oil for one more nice sized loaf. 

I also had a brand new bottle of lye waiting to be opened and secured. 

It has no fancy butters or  milk additives and is unscented. It was a beautiful pale green batter. I wish I had left the top alone. It went from being all rustic and creamy to something that looks like you should spread it on a cracker with that unnecessary sprinkle of sea salts and crumbled nettle leaves.

By the time that mess was cleaned up I only had enough energy to work on my almost completed yarn puzzle. All day to myself and that's the closest I came to yarn. Jeesh.


  1. That soap sounds really interesting. I could have used soap like that for poison ivy when I was a child. I used to have to get shots weekly in the summer because of it.
    Sorry you missed the yarn window. Maybe tomorrow?

  2. I have to say, that soap does LOOK delicious. LOL I'm sure it will be just as useful as soap too. :::wink:::

  3. I need to remind Fletch that we have a bar of your jewelweed soap in our downstairs bathroom - been saving it for bug season which (sadly) is here.

  4. Your soaps always make me hungry!
    I just opened one of the bars you gave me - it's something that smells heavenly and looks like it's full of oatmeal (I lost the label). I LOVE IT!

  5. Soap is serenity. I love your soap-making posts.

  6. I used to get huge welts from horsefly and deer fly bites. I rarely see those critters anymore, and I don’t miss them.

  7. Your soaps always make me think of food. Love following along on your experiments. Yesterday's soap looks wonderful!

  8. Looks like a good way to enjoy some alone time. Last two nights I had a mosquito drive me crazy once I was in bed--I couldn't catch him. I finally got up and sprayed raid all around my bed; I hope he's a goner and it didn't hurt my lungs! lol

  9. You crack me up. You stopped short of making him write a will! Ha hah a. Fireman really wants to go golfing too. We had nice weather part of the last two days. So he got to cycle and today we both paddle boarded before the thunder and rains came on. Bug bites.......I am so glad your soap soothes you!. They are the only part of summer that BUGS pun intended me

  10. Hope he had a good day at the golf course. We like Jewelweed soap also...but the last batch we ordered is very smelly so it is in the greenhouse airing out!