Thursday, May 31, 2018

Challenge Met

 I finished the border and the word on the May block just in time.

 Up next....Simplicity. I like the idea of that.

Mr. Herdwick is also done.

Up next....Mr. Cheviot. Tomorrow it'll be ready, set, go to see how much I can get done in June. No pressure.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bathroom Blues

The towels and the shower curtain are hung.

The room actually looks like a bathroom again but.....

..this is the closest I have come to getting in the tub.

 This is why. Just a few drops of water are already etching my new fixtures. Grrrrr.......

Those of you with well water know the issue-lime deposits. I am hoping white vinegar will clean it up until we get the water softener people out to take a look at it today. With our new expensive system this should NOT be happening.

 My little jar of bath fizzies will just have to wait-again. Sigh.....

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


 The holiday weekend was pretty soggy. I bet you saw on the news what one little town here in Maryland looked like. We didn't get that horrific flooding but we did get buckets and buckets of rain. I took advantage of the down time and got Daddio's Thangle quilt sandwiched.

 It was my reward for finishing this one. I used up all his bits and pieces to pull this unfinished one together. I free motion quilted it half to death to make sure all those appliqued pieces stay put. I was racing the clock on this one because I wanted him to see it finished but....well, you know. Life gets in the way and all of sudden you are out of time.

 I also free motioned and bound off the Valentine's mini quilt that has been waiting its turn since....February.

I also got two more dishcloths finished. I loved that gradient cotton up until that last petal. It's just one too many to keep the gradient thing going. No biggie. It's just a dishcloth. Now the plan is to make some washcloths for my new bathroom. Bathroom update tomorrow.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day at the Beach

 It's been too hot to take Pup down to the beach. Last week the boardwalk was blistering. Yesterday we had a narrow window of time in the early morning when it was cloudy so we headed down for a quick stroll. The crab boats were already coming in with their day's catch.

A lot of crabs get eaten here this holiday weekend. These are not ours. We're having pizza. The Mister had a coupon.

 The community gardens were all in bloom. Little flags were stuck everywhere.

 The flowers are pretty but this weekend it's all about the bunting.

The place is covered in it. There will be lots of ceremonies today at the different memorials around town. It's a weekend of opposites. Serious and silly.

That eyesore of a water park on the corner is now open and the place is crawling with half dressed tourists. I like the beach best in winter when it's just us. Three months and counting.....

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Soap Tales

 My new soap supplies got here on Tuesday so I've been making soap all week.

 I do three batches at a time so it goes fast.

 The stick blender is still holding up. I'm on number two.

Mixing in the milks and other additives is always my favorite part.  They are the secret to a yummy bar.

 This is how the swirls are done. I gave up trying to be fancy so I take the easy way out. I just pour out several cups and add coloring.

After giving all the cups of color a small dose of scent it's time for pouring.

Into the main batter I just pour the cups of color down the front of the measuring cup. It makes rings.

 Then I just pour it into the mold. It does what it does. I like that I have no clue until I cut it as to what I get.

 The leftover batter is scraped onto the top.

 Wiggle, wiggle and then a pull down the center and you are done.

Not quite.  I almost forgot the glitter. What's soap without a few puffs of cosmetic grade glitter.

Voila. Not bad for a few hours work. Now they sit in the oven all night with just the light on to keep them warm so they turn into soap. These three loaves make 90 something bars that will ready in July. Use up your slivers. I'll have some real beauties to share in six weeks.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

You've Got Mail

 The Mister went up to get the mail yesterday and came back with an armful. First, Cindy sent me a big pile of wool for rug hooking. Bless you, Cindy. It's all just what I needed and greatly appreciated.

 The next box was my latest Connecting Threads order. I needed backing material for Daddio's Thangle quilt.

I thought this might work.

 I also added a couple of these clearance packs of charm squares. Aren't they just gorgeous? I'm thinking fall table runner and mini quilt-someday.

 I said I wasn't going to get this month's card kit but after watching this month's tutorial I caved. Look at that giant stamp set. I couldn't resist.

 Amazon sent me some new watercolor paper, small brushes and a new paint set.

I have a thing for little paint sets and when I saw someone use this one on You Tube I had to have it. It's fun colors for doodling.

I'm not the only one who's caught the art bug around here. The Mister made this card for a graduating relative. It's so cute. I love it. 

He also watched a string art tutorial on Facebook the other day and now he's making string art. I think I need to get him an art journal.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Loose Ends

 I've got one more side of Daddio's wedding ring quilt to finish and it'll be a done deal. I love sewing down binding-especially if you've got a good book to listen to.

I've got three more sections of this border design and I'll have all the sashing done. Now I need to figure out what to do in those end squares. They are too wide to just leave unquilted. This is Daddio's Dresden btw.

 That purple strip means that I am on the final three sections of this insane weaving adventure. Woo hoo. I can't wait to see the end of it. It's been crazy.

 Finally, Spiral Chicken has a face! I think she's so cute. Almost makes me want to have a chicken but between the cats and the foxes, feathered things don't have a chance around here.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bathroom Update

 We are so close to being done that I am washing up my new towels and shower curtain for that first long awaited bath.

 It's still a work zone though.

This is the new holdup. The tub sits up off the floor on plywood and we have to cover the exposed edge with this plastic molding. When The Mister caulked the tile the fumes were so bad you couldn't open the door or go in for two whole weeks. It was vile stuff. When the plumber came to hook up the tub water supply he used caulk that was odorless. I had to order some to finish this job and we are still waiting...argh.

 In the meantime I am playing with the finishing touches.

We went to put up the new curved shower curtain yesterday and discovered I had forgotten to order the hooks.

 I've got my first bar of soap ready and waiting for that first bath. When the shower curtain hooks arrive today I just may give the new tub a try with or without the darn caulk. I'll try not to splash-too much.