Sunday, May 20, 2018

Up All Night

This is me up at 4 am to watch the entire live coverage on two screens of the royal wedding. I made a pot of tea to keep me company.

This kid's face said it all. I may or may not have bawled like a baby when she walked through those chapel doors and into history. Okay. I did.


  1. I didn’t get up early but watched the reruns of it. A day to put in the history books for sure. An American princess!

  2. I was dry eyed until Charles came up to take her hand, I was so impressed. How wonderful for Harry to see his father escort his beautiful bride. She did such a wonderful job and the ceremony was breathtaking. The cellist made me cry again. I am a sucker for weddings but a beautiful royal wedding, swoon!

  3. I watched bits and pieces of the ceremony on video clips. It was a lovely ceremony.

  4. I loved watching the wedding yesterday! One of my favorite parts was the soloist singing as she walked down the aisle towards Harry😚. It was so beautiful!


  5. I found her dress a bit boring... but I LOVE that tiara!