Wednesday, May 31, 2017

And That's Not All

 In addition to all those knitting finishes I accomplished a lot of other things over the long weekend too.

 I brought along the art supplies and had fun getting used to some new brushes I bought for the watercolors.

I also brought two of the big stamps I have for some adult coloring sessions. I can waste hours playing with my markers and pencils in a quiet room. That's the time of day I am going to miss the most. I can't seem to find the time for this back at home.

 I ran out of the multi colored squares so I couldn't finish the border I was hoping to get done on the quilt. Since I had lots of navy squares leftover I decided to add a third border onto the one I just started. This thing is getting out of hand.

 I spun a lot but I am not happy with this fiber. Not at all. It's sticky and lumpy and I don't think it's going to give me what I want. I have never abandoned a MDSW shawl project but I am seriously considering it. I'll have to go take a look at the other fiber I brought home and see if I can make a trade.

 My first Miss Babs sock is at the heel. I am not in any hurry to finish these. I need them by May of 2018 so I've got plenty of time.

I also got this much read which is amazing for me. Life is so different without any distractions but I have to say I am ready to go home.  This sort of solitude is fun for a while but I need to be where the action is.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Five Ta Dahs

 That's a big pile of markers for a big project. I used them to mark every 24 stitches so you can do the math.

 Every time I wrote about this particular project someone would say they couldn't wait to see it done. Me too.

It's Aubade and it's done but it's a hot mess. It needs a severe blocking but I don't have any of that stuff with me.

You can kind of get the idea. It's round. It's going to be much bigger and pretty holey after blocking. It will probably look like a big yellow spider web when I am done pulling it out. That's some very fine yarn. The thinnest I've ever used.

The latest Undines are done too. I like them. I want to start another pair. They go so quickly.

 I've also got two twiddle mitts done. One for Daddio, one for Kathy B. I still have to add the undetermined doo dads.

 The pattern I used had you knit a liner. So that really counts as four right?

The first kitty pouf is also done-minus the face and the stuffing. I don't have any stuffing with me and the face embroidery is worrying me so it will wait until I get the second kitty done.

Finally, I finished the Santa. I still have his sheep to do but Santa himself is done. He needs his beard and his beading but they are added at the end. As much trouble as I had with this guy, I am calling this a major victory in the stitching department. Yay me. I was so pleased with myself I bought another stitching kit. Wait until you see this one. I hope it's waiting for me when I get home-tonight!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Clickity Clack

 Okay ladies, I know your secret now. I am always commenting about how I just don't get how you can get things done so quickly. I am always in awe.

 Pretty much everything I do is on a one year plan and that's being overly optimistic.

 You must have a well ordered life so you can sit and knit without distractions. I don't have that back at home but I am enjoying it immensely during my kitty sitting marathon. The proof? That big yellow thing is just inches away from being bound off now. I've been dilly dallying with it back at home for over two years. Being able to count in peace makes all the difference.

 The idea of starting new things is fun. Actually starting them takes concentration. In all this peace and quiet starting things is a breeze. I wish I had brought more with me. There is a sweater kit in a box that is calling my name. It will have to wait.

 I haven't been neglecting the kitties either. Here's proof they are alive and well. They miss their parents though. They spend all day looking out the window waiting for them to come home.

It won't be until Tuesday night guys. I think we will make it. In the meantime, I've got some knitting to do. I'll worry about that flooded basement back at home when I get there. The Mister will have to figure it out until then.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Friend of the Pod

 When I am all alone for days on end I find the best distraction is You Tube. I started the day stitching with Floss Tube.

By noon I was sewing to The Midnight Quilt Show.

 I am adding a multicolored border to Daddio's paper pieced nine patch.

It's all a bit complicated now as I don't want the colors to bump into each other. I had to make notes.

I ended the day watching Off the Needles while starting Daughter's Mini Kitty Pouf that I promised her last Christmas.  Lucky me. I get to do it all over again tomorrow-and the next day-and the next day.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kitty Sitting

This time last week Daughter's little kitty was in the hospital. She was one sick furbaby.

It seems the poor thing had a gall stone. I had no idea kitties could get one but it seems they do. She came home after a few days with lots of meds and now it's up to me to get them in her.

My first attempt didn't go so well-for me. I got a big boo boo from sharp little nails. Ouch.

Big Sister had a laugh on my expense and then tried to blend in with the carpet in case I got it in my head to try to give her a dose of nasty stuff too.

It's a good thing they left me a big bottle of wine for the duration. I'm going to need it.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Armchair Traveler

 I am settling into Daughter's place today for the duration but before I left this showed up via the UPS guy.

 On Mother's Day I gave #2 Son heck about not sending me any photos of his and his lady friend's Paris/Amsterdam trip last month.

 He claimed he didn't take photos but kept a sketch journal instead. Uh, huh I said....

 Low and behold here it is. He was telling me the truth or else he did a lot of quick sketches from memory.

 I laughed out loud several times while reading his captions. He certainly has a good eye for the ways of the world.

 I don't travel much anymore but who needs to when you've got a kid who can do this.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fiddle Dee Dee

 Daddio has two of these things in his little cubicle at the nursing home.

 They are little quilts that have toys and other fiddly things sewn on them for him to play with.

 He likes them if you direct him to them but what he likes to do when I am there is read. I usually bring him the local weekly paper but today they were out so he was content to look at the store ad. I had him trying to identify foods. It was interesting. He told me ice cream was something you found under a bridge and he made hand signs to explain strawberries. He did recognize a graham cracker though. He used to love those.

 I know you have all seen Kathy B's call for Twiddle Mitts in memory of her Mom who shared Daddio's cruel malady. I dug out a ton of stuff from the stash and am ready to go.

I am packing my new Marshall's bag (with elephants!) with yarn and needles and heading to Daughter's for a long weekend of kitty sitting. I'm actually packing several bags of new to me projects. I'm really looking forward to some serious sitting and knitting. I won't be home until Tuesday.

I've also packed my summer read. Knitting, reading and drinking tea. It's gonna be great.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Round and Round

 The spindles have been as busy as the wheels lately and it's not even the TdF. My trip to the MDSW has lit a fiber frenzy. The first spindle of next year's shawl fiber is being wound off.

 I've been having fun with this cotton that I picked up last year at the SVFF. It's very fiddly and slow going but I like a challenge.

I've been collecting these Cormo singles since the 2013 MDSW. Now that is a fleece that just keeps on giving.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


 I've been spinning from the box of little puni/rolags I made earlier in the spring when the weather was nice enough to get outside.

I'm just spinning one at a time not paying attention to the colors. That's Merino and it's very nice.

 But the box was getting empty so I needed to make more. The problem is that this is a bit messy and since the bugs came out of hibernation I am stuck inside for the duration. Bugs love me. I am already an itchy mess just from taking the dogs out. Booo...

 So I had to learn to do this with a minimum of mess in my comfy chair in a very cramped corner of the stash room.

 My biggest problem was working on my lap to roll. I was getting lumpy rolls.

 That's better.

I am using a quilting square under the towel to give me a hard surface. Now I can get on with it.