Monday, May 1, 2017


 I've decided not to continue with my card kit of the month subscription.

 I really didn't like the last few month's themes so I decided to take that money and just buy what I wanted.

 I really liked the sewing themed stamps and who couldn't use a pinata card?

 I also added a banner die set.

 I can still work through the online videos, I'll just use my own stuff from now on.

 Awwww.....cute, huh?


  1. Very cute.

    I think you made a good decision. It's not worth the $$$ if you aren't getting things you like.

    Happy cardmaking!!!

  2. Smart move. I think the cards turned out very cute! I thought the pinata was an alpaca stamp in the first photo!!

  3. Well if it's not working for you then you should drop it. Your cards are all so cute anywhay.

  4. Card making Cuteness complete with cancellation. I agree with Dee, good move to stop now. You have enough experience to do as you see fit!!

  5. You make the cutest cards! I should know, having been the recipient of a few. It takes so much patience and that I don't have. :-)
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. The tomato pin cushion and the button jar are just so cool! I don't blame you for deciding to pick your own - You're so creative I think you'll be great at it!

  7. I like your style Ariagnee. Take your money and get what you want. That money doesn't come by so easily eh? I did the same thing w/my sock yarn subscription. My stash overrunneth as it is. :) Cute pinata card!