Tuesday, May 23, 2017


 I've been spinning from the box of little puni/rolags I made earlier in the spring when the weather was nice enough to get outside.

I'm just spinning one at a time not paying attention to the colors. That's Merino and it's very nice.

 But the box was getting empty so I needed to make more. The problem is that this is a bit messy and since the bugs came out of hibernation I am stuck inside for the duration. Bugs love me. I am already an itchy mess just from taking the dogs out. Booo...

 So I had to learn to do this with a minimum of mess in my comfy chair in a very cramped corner of the stash room.

 My biggest problem was working on my lap to roll. I was getting lumpy rolls.

 That's better.

I am using a quilting square under the towel to give me a hard surface. Now I can get on with it.


  1. You have such neat rolags. And I'm loving the way the yarn is spinning up with the colors so distinctively different. We have mosquitoes this year. That's very, very unusual out here. I think it's because of the wet, wet, wet, wet spring we had.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. How I understand you! My love with bugs are also one-sided. One day outdoors and whole week itching.

  3. Looks like you found a pretty good solution.

    The bugs are out here too. I killed a mosquito the other night that was big enough to having landing lights.

  4. Good solution! We've got plenty of bugs here and tons of slugs - yuck!

  5. Nice spinning-such a relaxing and rewarding time.
    We've got the nasty midges here, too! They can drive you crazy; I use Deep Woods on me and the kids so we are not bitten to distraction!
    It works!

  6. Your colors are really beautiful and defined! I can empathize with the bug bite problem - I seem to be their favorite flavor! Even though I have a crafting space everything seems to end up in my chair in the living room which my husband calls "my nest" - it would be so wonderful to have a screened-in porch to work on!

  7. We don't have to many bugs here but the few there are have found me as usual so I've been chased inside too. Love your puni/rolags! They're addicting aren't they? I've been knee deep in making them here too.

  8. Your own rainbow on the spindle. It is perfect. It is cold damp and dreary. Cmon SUN!

  9. Gah, bugs are horrible here too. The winter was not cold enough to kill them off. Love your new yarn.