Friday, May 19, 2017

One Stitch at a Time

 Those mitts I began back when it was cold are progressing. There was a lot of drama with the second one when I apparently lost the ability to read a chart but after a good frogging it's back on track. I hope. I am almost afraid to look.

 The main lace project of the moment was Aubade until I realized it was going to take forever to get around one of its huge rows. I am halfway around the second to last row so an end is in sight even though it may take a while-and then some.

Since the basket I had Nurmilintu in was empty and I needed some instant lace gratification I started another Hap.

 I rarely make the same thing twice but I really liked the mindless nature of the beast.

 The unicorn barf handspun that I also dyed is a bit problematic. If I hate when I am done it's getting dunked in black. That'll fix it.

 Tracery is heading to the neck, slowly but surely.

 It's in that awkward phase where you can't read the chart anymore. You have to use your brains to keep the pattern going while making all the shaping decreases. It's not fun but I suppose it's good for keeping those old brain cells firing and goodness knows I need all the help I can get.


  1. Your Aubade looks like a soft cloud, cannot wait to see it finished.

  2. Don't we all need help in the brain cell firing!
    The mitts have such a sheen-maybe it is the color combo or the yarn but they glow. Nice.
    The circular shawl is a monster of a project but you almost have it tamed! The Tracery will be done just in time to wear it next winter. The Unicorn Hap will be great but I love how you think-black dye indeed!!!! lol

  3. Oh my goodness. Your projects are all absolutely stunning. We're having our yard sale today so I'm sitting in the garage crocheting on a blanket. I don't have the brainpower to do beads when I keep getting interrupted so my shawl is on the back burner.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. I have a few projects I wouldn't mind dunking in black dye at the moment. That's a brillant solution.

  5. The mitts are so beautiful. I love them . It is so hard to knit one pattern well, let alone two exactly the same. You are a great knitter

  6. Wow! Looks like ALL of your projects take brain power. You need to cast on some vanilla socks to take off the pressure.

  7. Aubade is going to be gorgeous!
    And over-dyeing that handspun with black could get you some amazing results, because you could still get bits of colour showing through.