Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Holy Smoke!


Last night the new range took its maiden voyage and it did NOT go well. The burners worked just fine but the oven, well.....I turned it on 300 to heat up some bread and the house immediately filled with such a smell of burning plastic I had to turn it off and open every window and turn on all the fans. I should have read the instructions where you have to "burn off" all the leftover goo they use to build the thing. It was awful. I was NOT happy. 

Speaking of windows....We rigged up some trim around the over the sink window yesterday and I couldn't be happier with it. 

I need to paint it but it already really makes a big difference in the room. I now have a real window sill instead of just a hole in the wall. Ignore the blue tape. It marks the studs. I've got it all over the place.

While I was hiding downstairs from the acrid oven fumes I got caught up with my Inktober sketches. It took me 3 tries to get that wonky compass done. I thought that would be the easy one but noooo....I also did Collide, Moon and Loop. I couldn't paint a decent looking moon so I put a scribbly moon man on it. I tried several different things for Loop but took the easy way and out and just drew a bow.

And......a side note to Val....several of these charm packs and some yardage are on the way. You gave me the kick in the behind I needed. Thanks!


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday


I have no idea how but I managed to get another branch and a little outfit stitched this week but I did. The bunny also now has a pinwheel in its hand.  A teeny tiny pinwheel that used 8 different colors. Jeesh. 

I also finished all 40 of the shower invitations and the only thing left is to seal them, stamp them and drop them off at the PO. I'm having a hard time taking that last step because I have very mixed feelings about gatherings in the time of Covid. Since it's not in my control all I can do is hope all these folks understand the risks and take every precaution to protect my daughter and grandson to be. Praying folk, please do your thing. I'd most appreciate it. 

As for the daily kitchen update, you see that? It's a window. Yesterday morning we discovered that tiling around a window that doesn't have any trim around it is a problem. So instead of prepping the wall for tile yesterday we..............

.......took another long trip out to Lowes to buy the wood we needed to throw together some kind of window trim that we can butt the tile up to so it doesn't look so raggedy.  It wasn't in the least bit any fun but I did get another maple doughnut out of the deal.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Woo Hoo Part 2


How about a big woo hoo for this being done? Well, not actually done but ready to be sandwiched-when I can find the time and the space to do it. It's a lot bigger than I planned on.

I wish I could woo hoo the invitations. I worked all weekend but I'm still not done. Forty is a lot. It's also a lot of people for a shower but most of these are for elderly relatives and friends all around the country who most likely won't come but will get their feelings hurt if they aren't invited. 

I can woo hoo three more Inktober sketches that I didn't think I would have time for. While the invitations were drying I dashed off Roof, Tick and Helmet. I've also really messed up the days. I can't keep them straight this year but that's sort of the story of my 2021 life so I suppose it works in a sad sort of way. 

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Woo Hoo


Woo hoo...the Walrus man socks are done. That makes eleven pairs in the gift box for 2021. Something should fit somebody don't you think?

These would have made pair number 12 in the gift box but they pooled rather unsightly at the ankle. It's Stroll in the Base Camp colorway and I think the contrast is too stark for plain vanilla socks. You need an afterthought heel to make these look right. They are going in The Mister's sock drawer when they are done. He's not in the least fussy about stuff like that. 

And...woo hoo...the Fright Club beanie is also done. I even wove in all those loose ends. I love it but it's a beanie and I'm really not the beanie type. I want a hat.

So.........I ordered what I hope are similar colors in Swish Worsted from Knit Picks and I'll try it again with bigger needles and bigger yarn and see what I get. 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Kitchen Update: Pile-itis


It's been one step forward and two steps backwards around here this week. Now that the counter is in we got serious about attaching all the wall cabinets which meant we could finally get those big boys screwed in where they belong. It wasn't fun. It took a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of shims but they are finally in. We even got the replacement door on. Hallelujah. I was tired of looking at that gaping hole.

Of course that meant taking everything out of the cabinets again. Knowing this was coming, I hadn't put the shelves in or put much in them but I did have enough stuff to make a big mess on the new island. 

It's piles, piles and more piles around here. Trying to keep us fed in a work zone has been interesting. 

It's not helping that I still don't have a working stove or sink. The Mister doesn't want to hook them up until we get the tiling behind them done. Hopefully that will start on Monday. 

In the meantime I've been McGyvering our meals. There's pretty much nothing that I haven't thrown in a crock pot.

I even discovered you can parboil your beans for soup in an old electric kettle. I'm starting to wonder why we even need kitchens in the first place. All you really needs is a table, an electric outlet and a bucket of water. 

Friday, October 15, 2021

It Takes Two Part 2


When Daughter and I went over her guest list for her shower we discovered that we didn't need 30 invitations-we needed 40. It was one of those..."if you invite so and so then you have to invite so and so" afternoons and one thing that I've learned is that you don't argue with expectant mothers.

So The Mister and I spent yet another rainy afternoon coloring, cutting and gluing 10 more balloons. I don't usually let him help me with the fiddly work but this was an emergency. He actually did a very good job so come Christmas card making time he's going to definitely take on a bigger role.

After he toddled off for a nap I got caught up with my Inktober prompts. I did Watch, Pressure, Pick, Sour and Stuck. They are all pretty self explanatory. I stole Pressure from a cartoon I've always liked and I learned that I can't draw or paint a pickle to save my life. I had no idea cucumbers were so complicated but that's the beauty of Inktober. It makes you really look at things you take for granted.

For the first time I laid them all out and realized..........I was missing one. I had forgotten to do roof. That should be a pretty easy one but then I say that every time and they never are. I don't think I've ever really looked at a roof or thought much about them.  I will soon. 

Thursday, October 14, 2021



I could have finished my Fright Club KAL project on time but I was too lazy to get up and go get some doublepoints so I could finish the crown. 

It's not a problem because I loved, loved, loved working on it and am in no hurry to have it end. It was fun opening up all the little boxes and getting a treat from time to time. I'm wondering if they do something like this at Christmas? I'll have to remember to check and see.

Speaking of KALs, my Arne and Carlos Advent Calendar yarn is here along with a free copy of their latest pattern book. This yarn is so nice I almost hate to use it for tree decorations. I expected Norwegian yarn to be rather rustic but it's not. It's nice and soft.

As soon as I finish the Fright Club hat and before I start the Advent Sweater KAL I need to get back to work on Audun. Even though it's still pretty warm and muggy here a lapful of wool doesn't seem so bad anymore. It's time I start teaching myself how to put this thing together. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

It Takes Two


I didn't knit a stitch or sew a seam yesterday. The Mister and I were both worn out from our trip up to Daughter's. He played golf with SIL while Daughter, Sister who lives nearby and I had a grand old time catching up and working on the invitations of which I now need 10 more-gulp. When I got home I had a pile of boxes waiting on the front porch. 

On the way home we pass by Ikea so of course several more things jumped in the car. 

The only thing we had the energy to do all day was to assemble our new stuff. We make a pretty good Ikea assembly team but after just these few things I am glad I didn't end up with that Ikea kitchen and all those cabinets to assemble. I don't think we would have survived it. 

I had gotten a new rice cooker, a new electric kettle and a few weeks ago I bought a new coffee maker and had no place to put them. Now they roll around on their own little Ikea cart instead of cluttering up my new counter top. I am also trying not to scald the front of my new cabinets with them. The old cabinets were a mess from the steam that these thing put out so the cart will be rolled as far away from the cabinets as I can get it when in use. I also got two chairs of the right height for the island. Our old ones were too tall and we had to bend practically in half to eat. 

Also in that pile of packages was a new clock. We both miss the clock that was in the old stove that you could see from all over room. The new stove's clock is so low you can't see it. This is going on the wall-somewhere. It's all still a muddle right now but buying these kinds of things is starting to make it all a bit more fun again. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday


The only tiny needle that saw any action here this week was the one on the sewing machine. I really want this off my plate so any free time goes to it. It's growing. It's wild. It's wonky. I hope the recipient appreciates the sentiment rather than the craftsmanship. I'm doing my best but it is pretty questionable.

I was just thinking how this is the third quilt I've put together for Dad's lady friend but it is the first one I have put together alone and it's been bittersweet. Here's Dad working on the first one we made her. It would have been his 92nd birthday on Sunday. 

Here he is working on the second one we made her. I don't miss the stress of caring for him but I do miss him. 

We finished that Serendipity top in 2012 but I didn't finish putting it together until 3 months after his demise. I can hardly believe there was a six year delay in gifting it but blogs are good at remembering what you forget. Going back and looking all this up sure gave me a bad case of the feels. I'll get over it. I always do. 

Monday, October 11, 2021

When It Rains.......


This time last year I not only had a disaster for a kitchen but I was also doing laundry in my bathtub because my washer broke. There was a lot of drama around getting a new one at the time and guess what broke yesterday...MY NEW WASHER. On my one day of rest and relaxation I had to deal with this mess again. The good news is it is still under warranty until the 25th AND I just got the notification to re-new it so I did. Hopefully this will be a quick fix but still.......... the "when it rains it pours" category here is exhibit B. Not only did the new washer go belly up yesterday....The Mister's little Ford Ranger decided to break down on his way to the market. Here it is loaded up with wood last winter. He loves that little truck. The only time I saw him get really undone during all the pandemic lockdown stuff is when it stopped running and we couldn't get it fixed right away. I'm hoping this is also a quick fix or else I'm in for some stormy weather. 

I did get some time to get downstairs and work on the shower invitations. We are at Daughter's today to get the inside details done using her new printer since mine don't work. 

I am not at all crazy about the idea of her friends giving her a shower during a pandemic but I have to say the invitations she picked out have been a lot of fun to make. 

Sunday, October 10, 2021



I spent yesterday scraping old mortar off the formerly tiled kitchen floor but mercifully today is a day off from kitchen drama. Bless you NFL. It's so nice to think about something socks. It's been Socktober all year around here. I've been in a panic about not having enough gift socks but I think I just might. I lose track.

I'm not sure if any of them will fit anyone so I've been making bigger and bigger ones. The Base Camp twins are at the heel. 

I have a few more rows and the second Walrus socks will be at the heel too. 

As a reward for making all those socks I gifted myself this Uneek kit I found in a Maryland shop on Kathy B's yarn crawl last weekend. I saw these on a German YouTube podcast ages ago and have always wanted a pair. I do love me some stripey stripes. 

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Closer and Closer

Here's a glamour shot for all of you that were asking about the new quartz counter and a peek at my new giant sink. The quart is called Gray Expo and it looks like someone threw salt and pepper all over a plain gray counter top. I like it which is a big relief. I was really nervous about my choice but it looks really nice with the light gray cabinets. 

Speaking of cabinets, look what's finally here. It's the one for over the refrigerator that we forgot to originally order. I can't say enough nice things about the customer service at Allen & Roth. They put in that special order for us even after the collection was discontinued. 

Hopefully we can put it up today and start the tedious task of attaching that giant box of handles. I never put handles on my old cabinets but you can't open these without one so handles it is. I never knew how expensive they were and how many you need. It's surprising. 

When we made the long trip out to Lowes yesterday to pick up the cabinet we went ahead and got the tile for the backsplash. It's plain white subway tile. I know. It's boring but I don't have another creative thought in my head about the kitchen anymore. I just want it done. I need some normal and I need it bad. 

Living like this for 22 months has finally gotten old.