Sunday, December 5, 2021

My 15 Minutes of Fame


Yesterday while I was having another post booster lay in I decided to catch up with Arne and Carlos's daily advent videos. I got a BIG surprise.

On day two they talked about......ME. Well, what they actually did was read a comment I had left on one of their videos and tried to figure out how to pronounce Araignee. I was at a particularly low point last year with that thrush nightmare when Arne released his silent fireplace video and it was just what I needed to calm my frayed pre-vaccination nerves. I never leave comments on YouTube but I felt like I needed to let them know how grateful I was for the respite.

I was feeling much better yesterday so I was knitting away on this at the time but was too excited afterwards to finish it. The Mister was as excited I was. He's sat through so many of their videos I am surprised he hasn't taken up knitting. Squee..........


  1. What a hoot-- and we all need our 15 minutes of fame!! And yours is indeed a special one! So happy to hear that you are starting to feel better and that the kitchen is (finally) close to being finished...

  2. Ooh! I know someone who is famous! I love that they mentioned you.

  3. So nice to hear of your claim to fame! How nice of you to touch him with your comment when he was down, too. Very nice to hear.