Friday, December 31, 2021

The Craft Year in Review

It seems 2021 was the year of the sweater. I can't believe I finished all these. The two at the bottom are toddler sized sweaters but still......for me this is impressive.....

......especially when you think I also finished all these things. I guess we can give Covid the credit. I rarely finish anything but last year I had lots of sit and knit time it seems. 

I only completely finished two small quilts. I should have finished more. I've three close to finishing if I would just put my mind to it.

I never seem to finish any stitching projects but I did get to frame Baby Grand's birth record. 

I had big hopes for Rainbow Kitty in 2021. I've been working on it as you can see but it looks like I will have to look forward to completing it in 2022. 

I crocheted a bit. I'm honestly surprised I'm still sticking with it. I add one or two blocks to the pile every once in a while.

In the downstairs craft room I splashed around some watercolor, inked my way through Inktober and made an awful lot of cards. 

I made a lot of soap once. ONCE. I think it was a few days in May. My three year kitchen remodeling project has taken a toll. I really, really miss making soap. 

But what I miss the most is my little loom. I didn't get it out in 2020 or in 2021. It will be back out in 2022. That I promise. We've got a floor to put down and a living room to move furniture back into and then it will take its place in the corner once again. I have hope.

 Happy Almost New Year everybody!


  1. This was so impressive! I've read you every single day and yet I can't believe how many things you have made. Looking at the pictures, I remember them all. I really need to start keeping better records of what I make.
    You inspire me my friend. This, on top of all of the work on the kitchen? You are amazing.

  2. Wonderful projects! Happy New Year! Liana

  3. Wonderful projects! Happy New Year! Liana

  4. Happy New Year to you as well. You accomplished SO MUCH this past year!!!

  5. Happy New Year! Hope you get your home sorted soon so you can get back to normal! Wishing you good health and happy days!

  6. Happy New Year! You got an amazing amount of crafts done!

  7. wow. I see many of us adding up the knits for the year. YOU, friend, did a ton of crafts. Yours are never shabby. they are fantastic. happy 2022. Im happy to be back at knittinggenes .

  8. What a productive year in spite of all of the challenges!!! Good job!