Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday


Woo hoo! I finished the bottom border on the Winter Patchwork sampler. It went fast. I suppose it's because it's a mirror image so you can stitch two things at one time. I like that. There's a lot less fiddling with floss. 

Speaking of fiddling with floss...the Christmas Quaker is now this big. I LOVE stitching with just one color. I am going to have a very hard time putting this away when the season is over. Maybe I won't. It doesn't really scream Christmas to me. 

As for the kitchen, yesterday we organized critter food. I've got piles and piles of it all over the house. It's been hard to come by so I've been hoarding it when I can get it. Seven hungry kitties is not a pretty sight and that supply issue is worrisome. 

Ta da....the last of the pantry shelves are in and filled. All with critter food. Just think of all the room I would have had for people food-although we just took 4 big bags of pantry items to the food bank yesterday so I think I'm okay in that department too for now. Other than rice, pasta, beans and canned tomatoes we don't eat much pantry type food. 

And.....in case you were wondering what happened with that gingerbread cookie kit. Well...I certainly don't have the patience or talent DIL has for cookie decorating-but they were good and I suppose that's what counts.


  1. Your Quaker us coming along nicely!

  2. Both stitching pieces are lovely. And now I realized I don't have any ginger cookies either - maybe the cardamom ones can sub for ginger...

  3. mono cross stitch designs are clearly my favorite at the moment x Maybe I'm just lazy at changing colours ?

  4. Love your tiny stitches. It's so nice to see the kitchen coming together - makes me want to work on mine! I'm hoping we can build a pantry when we redo it. I have lots of cupboard space, but a good chunk of it is too high and deep to be really useful.

  5. The stitching looks beautiful! I can see why you enjoy doing it.

  6. Both of those cross stitch kits are eye popping. I think they're great. I just got a kit from Amazon for new baby granddaughter due in March. I can't wait to begin stitching it.
    Your shelves are so neat and organized. That is a LOT of cat food. :-) You should be fine for awhile, right?

  7. Nice stitching! You will have those cupboards organized in no time:)

  8. Love the stitching! The Quaker one is stunning. Hooray for organizing the cupboards!!!