Sunday, December 26, 2021

Winter Wonderland


No, we didn't get snow. This is the official Christmas picture from the local weather service of their snow collection site on Christmas morning and you can clearly see that there wasn't a flake to be had for the 12th Christmas in a row. 

What we did have was a nearly 70 degree day which just prefect for an afternoon stroll along the bay which was fine by me. I love snow but if I can't have it I'll take a beautiful day anytime. 

I did however wash my two sleigh riding sweaters yesterday morning-just in case. You never know around here. It can be 70 one day and a blizzard the next. At least now I'm ready in case we do get any of the white stuff. 

All that walking took place after we had our Christmas morning breakfast. When #1 Son moved out he left his fancy waffle maker. That was a very long time ago and to my surprise it still worked. I haven't made waffles in years and they were very good. 

It was a pretty ho hum Christmas morning but we did have some fun with Pup. 

In her old age she's not really interested in playing with toys anymore but if you give her something new you'll get a few minutes of play out of her. That's all the time The Mister and I had for play anyway. He's got a stiff neck and I've done something awful to my back making us no fun at all at the moment. The rest of day all three us were sacked out on our respective couches. Thank goodness for football and Netflix.



  1. The sky and water were so blue! Beautiful! the sweaters are so pretty while they wait for you!

  2. No snow here either. And it warmish - but not quite as warm as your place! We both got our boosters Christmas eve, so I expected to not be doing much on Christmas day, but the side effects haven't been too bad.
    Hope you and the Mr. are up to snuff soon

  3. No snow for us in spite of several newspapers constantly warning of snow storms ! very cold due to wind chill but we managed a walk down to the seafront from the campsite.

  4. Sure am glad you got those sleigh riding sweaters washed just in time for the big storm.
    Gorgeous river photo, btw.