Thursday, December 31, 2015

Twelve Months

Today is the last day of my year long challenge to get something done on every month of my counted cross stitch sampler.

 December was so busy that my poor angel didn't even get her eyes. Next year.

I did get something done on every month but I didn't get the border done. Next year.

Any day I get a few minutes to stitch is a good day. I hoping for many of them in the year to come. Last year was rather hit or miss.

Happy New Year everyone! I'm wishing you all lots of sitting and stitching time in 2016.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


 It all started way back on Thanksgiving.

 Then it was my birthday.

 There were little stolen nips here and there.

 Christmas Eve was all too much fun.

 Christmas day was bubbly.

Finally, Christmas night packed a real wallop.

It's not that I didn't know better. I've been here before. Now I'm toasting myself with antacids and sleeping sitting up. Damn reflux. Damn booze. Damn weak tummy. I'll be fine in a few days but for now it's instant mashed potatoes and bananas until the fire goes out.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Single Minded

 In spite of having all my toys back, I'm not doing anything until I get Son's cardi done.

I'm nearing the finish line according to his measurements. It was good to have him here to hold it up to but I still swear it's going to be too small.

I have finished the back and it looks fine when I hold it up to him. I sure hope the knitting gods are on my side this time around. I am going to need all the help I can get to pull this off.

Monday, December 28, 2015

And Away We Go

 The Mister and I spent yesterday morning packing away all the Christmas stuff. With the weather the way it has been we just weren't feeling it anymore. We were fighting the urge to turn on the AC to clear out some of the humidity. It really feels weird outside. We haven't had any severe weather but it feels really creepy.

 It was good to have the loom back in its place again. I have no project planned at the moment but I've got lots of kits that I'll go through to find one and just thinking about it makes me happy.

The wheels are all out again too but it's going to take me a while to figure out what's going on with them. I'm not sure where all the fiber is and what it was all being spun for. I'm sure it will come to me but right now what they need is a good cleaning. Even packed away they really can gather dust. Ah choo...time to get out some Murphy's Oil Soap and give them a good scrubbing.

As for the mincemeat crumble recipe that was requested, I found it here. Actually, I found it on the back of the jar but you can find it on the Nonesuch page. I still have half a jar left after making the crumbles and a small pie. A little bit of that stuff sure goes a long way.

Sunday, December 27, 2015


 Christmas morning was all about Pup.

 We humans had already opened our presents the night before but she had to wait until morning. She did not disappoint. She loved it all.

 Later that morning, #2 Son, who was staying with us, made soup for dinner. I had lots of leftovers veggies from my disastrous risotto adventure. He turned them into something actually edible.

 We had lasagna for Christmas dinner. Christmas is all about fancy pasta around here.

 We shared a bottle of bubbly spumante.

 Son spent his entire holiday in the kitchen doing dishes. My sink has never been so clean.

 This will be remembered as the Christmas of the nuts. I got soaked in a deluge running from grocery store to grocery store trying to find a bag of mixed nuts for my Christmas nut bowl. It's a non negotiable. It sees a lot of action during serious conversations- this weekend it was mostly about sports.

 The plum pudding took three tries before it finally ignited.

 Son filmed the hilarity. It was like a slapstick skit but we finally got it lit.

 It was delicious with a really rummy hard sauce. Even The Mister ate some. It was also good with rum raisin ice cream on the side. I think I invented a new tradition.

 Christmas night it was peppermint martinis and Doctor Who's Christmas special.

 We put dough to rise Christmas night for crusty morning boules. They were good with a big bowl of grits on the side.

 I dropped Son off at the airport yesterday and bawled my way home. Heck, I bawled all morning thinking about him leaving.

 On arriving home I found a surprise in the mailbox that cheered me right up.

Once again my blog friends saved the day.

Instead of sniffling about Christmas past I can now look forward to Christmas future. After all in just 363 short days I can carefully unwrap these precious beauties and start all over again.

Thanks so much Melodye!!!! I love them!

Saturday, December 26, 2015


 Christmas Eve dinner was at Son and Daughter in Law's this year.

 The house is always amazing. Like something out of a magazine.

 The food was delish.

 Son looks forward all year to his prime rib. The vegans and herbivores had baked ziti and a roast veggie risotto that I made. The risotto from a mix was awful. Note to self: it's just as easy to make it from scratch. Do it.

I had a bad case of the giggles all day because of the incredible sangria. The Triple Sec was key. Mmmm...

 This was our first Christmas that the Grand knew what was going on. He was in heaven. This year Play Doh was his thing.

 Daughter brought the dessert. It was a chocolate mousse cake. Yum.

 Cleaning up to The Twelve Days of Christmas on the Echo was too much fun.

Back at home #2 Son and I finished the Santa puzzle while watching A Christmas Carol and guzzling nog. It was a good day.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Making Merry

 While I'm off celebrating with family, I'll leave you with some scenes from our winter solstice night walk on at the beach.

 We got there just as the lights were coming on. It was chilly. It felt like December. It doesn't today. It's in the 70's again. Boo.

 Whenever I get a case of Grinch fever during the holidays the memorial benches bring me to my senses.

 They are tenderly decorated and cared for. Many are dedicated to children. It breaks my heart.

 The houses that front the beach are lovely. If I could afford the flood insurance I'd have one.

 On that darkest of nights, there were lights everywhere.

 The pier is breathtaking.

 As is the giant tree.

 Town hall is splendiferous from all sides.

 The giant crab pot tree, er....interesting. It's become a town tradition so I'm happy to see it shining bright in all it's wonky glory.

Wouldn't my train crazed grandson love to see this. The train museum is always a joy to behold. Maybe next year.

Happy Christmas everyone!