Wednesday, December 30, 2015


 It all started way back on Thanksgiving.

 Then it was my birthday.

 There were little stolen nips here and there.

 Christmas Eve was all too much fun.

 Christmas day was bubbly.

Finally, Christmas night packed a real wallop.

It's not that I didn't know better. I've been here before. Now I'm toasting myself with antacids and sleeping sitting up. Damn reflux. Damn booze. Damn weak tummy. I'll be fine in a few days but for now it's instant mashed potatoes and bananas until the fire goes out.


  1. I am so sorry. I know how you feel. It IS terrible! Get well soon!

  2. Oh dear, feel better! I think some version of this happens to all of us.

  3. Oh yeah ...... but, it was fun while it lasted. LOL

    I've been there with sweets. I go along fine and then that one last dessert will put me over the digestive edge.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. You have all my sympathy! Heartburn is aptly named. I, too, have to watch my alcohol intake and my chocolate intake, as well!

  5. aww. You had a tough year lady. Feel better soon. I had the bubbly on Christmas day and was silly silly silly but no consequences

  6. Don't let the siren of New Year's Eve tempt you to toast it! Heal and knit-no heartburn from yarn!