Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bond Girl

Soxieknitter sent me this box of fiber that I am just starting to have fun with.

It's fiber from a Bond sheep. I had to do my homework because this is a new to me breed. It's Australian and it's a mix of Merino and Lincoln. Interesting.

 It's been nicely processed. All I do is pull it from the box and spin. No prep required. It drafts like a dream.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I am probably going to be riding this wheel through the Tour this year.

 I've also got Finley the Shetland going in the backroom which promises also to be another epic ride. Good times.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Questions and Answers

Yesterday I had several questions in the comments and when I started to reply to them I realized it would be easier to show the answers than to explain. First someone wanted to know how I organize all this new junk. Last week I would have said that I don't. It was just strewn around the dining room table but Easter made me rethink that plan. I had to conscript a corner of the large downstairs sewing table to store it all in a way that made sense.

 I went to Walmart and bought lots of little bins in different shapes and sizes. Everyone holds one kind of supply. This is the adhesive bin.

I picked up some flat photo boxes at Micheal's on sale. They are great for dies and embossing folders.

 My new pens are in a Rubbermaid canister that I keep on its side because the markers are supposed to be stored horizontally.

As for my ever growing kit collection, they stay in their boxes on a shelf so I know where everything is if I need it.

A large unused mug stores my new glitter and gel pens along with the Sharpies and the scissors I use for cutting adhesive. You don't want to mix those up with your fabric scissors.

 Someone else wanted to know what you do with those clear stamps that come on a sheet that are so popular. You stick them on these clear acrylic blocks. That way you can see to line them up with what's underneath. It works much better than the old wood blocks.

I also have one of these fancy sticker things. You stick your sticker on it and then press down so the foam legs squish down. I'm still trying to master the art of this one. They make it look so easy in the videos.

What I really want is one of these super fancy Mini Misti stampers which works like a book. It's on hinges so when you stamp you can stamp in the exact same place over and over. Again, they make it look so cool and easy in the videos but I'm pretty sure it will take me forever to get it right-if I ever get one. None of this stuff is cheap.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Colorful Life

 I must have my name on THE list over at Simon Say Stamp as the crazy stalker lady because my April kit got here before April. I drove them crazy in early March when my kit didn't show up until the second week in.

 This month is all about birthdays and flowers. The Mister's birthday in on the 14th so it's good timing. I'm not so sure he'll like all the flowers but I'll figure something out.

 I do like all the flowers. So much so that I went on a flower stamp buying spree on Amazon.

I had to. I really wanted this birthday stamp and it was an add on item meaning you had to buy $25 worth of stuff to get this $3 stamp set. I hate that add on thing but I have to admit-it works.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Good Times

As hard as I had worked on Saturday to make sure Sunday would go smoothly, Easter morning was a bust. First, I woke up to dark clouds and cold weather when the forecast had been for a decent day. I was fuming. I had planned lots of outdoor fun. The poor Mister had to put up with my tantrum while I raged all morning against Mother Nature. My next trial was when the bouquet I had bought for the table turned out to be skimpy. I had to go out and cut some camellias to fill in the gaps. I wasn't happy.

 Thank goodness the day took a turn for the better when the family showed up at noon. Daughter had tulips.

 In spite of the bad weather we went to the beach to show the Grands "the big water".

Someone had hidden eggs in the sand and a tiny thing in a bonnet was collecting them in her basket. How clever of them.

 Back at home we had an egg hunt of our own. So far no rain but it was cold. Ugh.

 We had stuffed our eggs with little cars and dollar bills. We had no idea what people put in eggs these days.

 Big Grand asked to dye eggs and we just so happened to have a cup kit that was just right for little hands. He was very good at it. He made some beautiful eggs.

Cleaning up was as fun as the dyeing.

 Little Grand was not feeling so happy. He slept most of the day. He's getting those terrible top teeth poor thing.

The food turned out just fine. The weather was ominous but it never rained. We did everything I planned and more.  After all my early silliness it turned out to be a decent day-just like The Mister said it would.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hippity Hoppity

Pretzel rods coated in candy. Check.

Sorted and wrapped. Check.

 Matchbox cars stuffed in plastic eggs. Check.

 Pretty pink ribbon made into bow for door. Check.

 Toasted coconut trifle in fridge. Check.

 Coconut cake with sprinkles under the dome. Check.

 Soap basket arranged. Check.

 Peeps on display. Check.

Eggs boiled and dyed. Check. 
I think I'm ready.

Marshmallow hugs to all-especially #2 son way up north.
Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Prep

 When I was a kid I used to love it when the counters were overflowing with the holiday stuff the parents had brought home in anticipation of a big family dinner.

 I've been bringing home stuff all week to fill baskets and to make holiday treats like pretzel rods covered in sprinkles. A parent made some for our last skating fundraiser and they were delish. It looks easy enough to do. We'll see.

I've also got bags of Easter candy and paper products galore not to mention all those plastic eggs for hiding in the woods. I'm hosting Daughter, her hubby, Son #1 with DIL plus the Grands. Son #2 is staying put in Michigan for the holiday. I hope the Easter Bunny remembers he's up there.

Speaking of the Easter Bunny, I walked my legs off this week looking for some bunny fabric to make an apron. I have an apron for every holiday but Easter and since I am hosting I really had to remedy that. I had to make do with some cute chick fabric and some tacky jelly beans. No one had much of anything to choose from. I guess Easter is not much of a diy holiday.

 Of course that was only part of the problem. I had to clear out space in the sewing room to get the job done. That was a day's work in itself.

 I worked late into the night while watching Easter Parade last night. This is a good movie viewing pattern as there is tons of hand sewing to tack down all the facings.

My timing couldn't have been more perfect. As Judy and Fred strolled down 5th Avenue during the closing song, I had an apron. It's not exactly what I wanted but it'll have to do. I'll try it again next year and get an earlier start.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Stick a Fork in It

 My Easter towel is done.

I had to invade the man cave to get it hemmed. My sewing room is so crammed full of scenery and costumes I could barely get to a machine in order to haul it out. The Mister was not amused to find my sewing machine in his personal space.

Ta's all hemmed, washed and trimmed. It also got a fierce ironing because this particular cotton does not settle down until the daylights have been washed out of it. I'm probably going to be slopping ham juice all over it on Sunday so it'll more than likely get plenty more washings in the very near future.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Regina Marie

  I've finally got my MDSW on the needles. It doesn't look like much at the moment.

 One day, hopefully by May, it will look more like this. It's Regina Marie by Sara Burch.

It's being knit sidesway with the end border going first. It brilliantly makes it's own stitches on the edge so you don't have to do the ugly pick up and knit thing when it's time to do the body.

 While I was rummaging around in the needle drawer looking for the right size needles to start the project, I came upon this thing. It was a free sample in a package of fiber I ordered many moons ago. I was never sure what the heck it was-until now.

It's a fancy schmancy point protector. Cool, yes?