Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ode to Snow

It snowed Thursday night just like they said it would.

 It wasn't much but it was a perfect snow. The kind that turns the world into a wonderland but doesn't stick on the roads or walkways.

 It was warm enough the blooms didn't mind.

They are still coming on strong.

 After walking Pup, I went back home and grabbed the camera. The neighbor's trees looked like the cherry blossoms when they are in bloom-only white.

This doesn't even look like the same road I drive up most days. It was all so beautiful.

 Looking straight up, the budding trees made interesting shapes.

 When the wind blew it all came down in plops on your head. Pup was not amused but I loved it.

The best part was the mailman showing up with some packages I've been waiting for.

 My March card kit was here! I was getting worried. After missing out on February, I was determined not to goof this month up.

 Look what I can make. This is going to be a fun month. Here's the kit reveal video in case you are interested.

 The other package was the Cormo fleece I was expecting from Blue Sheep Fiber Farm.

I love Cormo but I can't wash it. It's tricky. I've ruined at least a sheep's worth. I'll leave it to the experts. I can comb it though-gently.

 It's a lovely spin and such a soft yarn when it's all done. I don't have any plans for this. I just want to enjoy it.

 I had a great snow day spinning Cormo and playing with my card kit.

 This stamp and die set is adorable.

I could make little Peep bunnies all day-and I did.
Got snow?


  1. Your photos of the snow are wonderful. We had flurries last week but no accumulation. The card kit looks like lots of fun. I bought a breed sampler kit a few years ago and enjoyed spinning the cormo. So, so soft.

  2. I'm afraid snow doesn't get that type of reaction here and fortunately we didn't get any. LOL. I'm perfectly content to few it from afar. Way, way on someone else's blog! I would how ever thoroughly enjoy that other white fulff you got in the mail though!

  3. Brrrr! Great photos, especially the one of the camelia. Sure hope it didn't get damaged by the cold.

  4. yes we have more snow! Im trying to be patient and just hunker down some more and knit. I have a new pattern and some fun yarn that AL gave me at Christmas...soooooo who can complain?

  5. Absolutely beautiful
    Our snow started to melt today and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that its the last of it (it's probably not). But... if the weather hold, I should start to see crocuses blooming in a couple of weeks.

  6. snow here. LOL

    The Peeps bunnies are adorable.

    My favorite snow picture is the one with the red flowers.

  7. Magical snow pictures, but really my love for those Peep bunnies is real. So cute! Nice haul!