Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Questions and Answers

Yesterday I had several questions in the comments and when I started to reply to them I realized it would be easier to show the answers than to explain. First someone wanted to know how I organize all this new junk. Last week I would have said that I don't. It was just strewn around the dining room table but Easter made me rethink that plan. I had to conscript a corner of the large downstairs sewing table to store it all in a way that made sense.

 I went to Walmart and bought lots of little bins in different shapes and sizes. Everyone holds one kind of supply. This is the adhesive bin.

I picked up some flat photo boxes at Micheal's on sale. They are great for dies and embossing folders.

 My new pens are in a Rubbermaid canister that I keep on its side because the markers are supposed to be stored horizontally.

As for my ever growing kit collection, they stay in their boxes on a shelf so I know where everything is if I need it.

A large unused mug stores my new glitter and gel pens along with the Sharpies and the scissors I use for cutting adhesive. You don't want to mix those up with your fabric scissors.

 Someone else wanted to know what you do with those clear stamps that come on a sheet that are so popular. You stick them on these clear acrylic blocks. That way you can see to line them up with what's underneath. It works much better than the old wood blocks.

I also have one of these fancy sticker things. You stick your sticker on it and then press down so the foam legs squish down. I'm still trying to master the art of this one. They make it look so easy in the videos.

What I really want is one of these super fancy Mini Misti stampers which works like a book. It's on hinges so when you stamp you can stamp in the exact same place over and over. Again, they make it look so cool and easy in the videos but I'm pretty sure it will take me forever to get it right-if I ever get one. None of this stuff is cheap.


  1. Oh how our hobbies bust up the budget. But ....there are so many worse things we *could* be spending our money on, I suppose.

    I have to be very careful when I am in the container aisle at the market. I want ALL the Rubbermaid, Sterelite and other Useful Containers. LOL

  2. Very interesting! Thanks for the questions answered! So many gadgets, to little time!

  3. Good ideas! I need more plastic bins.

  4. Nice!! I just organized my craft closet the other day too. Now if I could just keep it that way. It has a tendency to get out of control over time. LOL

  5. very interesting. Too bad that not much of it is inexpensive. My Allison could live at the CONTAINER store. She is so organized. I'm not so much!

  6. Ugh. YOu're really making me feel bad about my messy studio. I really need to get up there and clean

  7. Good job! I'm trying to organize, but I'm not very good at it. Too many decisions!

  8. Thank you for the examples of organizing different types of tools! I never knew markers should be stored horizontally. It makes sense since this is how I see them in the art store. I'm more of a Sharpie girl but I do love my metallic paint pens :)

    I think next month I will begin on binning more of my things. Just in general. I think i could even do this with my active wear!

  9. You are indeed very organized, I try to be but sometimes things get away from me.