Sunday, March 6, 2016

It's a Wrap

 I finally managed to get all the soap I'm giving away tested, wrapped and labeled. Whew. I didn't realize I had so much.

I've got quite a few full sized bars so if you signed up on Ravelry check your messages. I'm going to be sending you a list sometime this week asking for your preference scent wise.

Everyone should get a full sized bar of their choice and some surprise sample sized bars of others.

There's also plenty of lotion bars to go around. As soon as I hear from you, I'll be sending yours off.
Expecting anything cool in the mail? I always am!


  1. Set up a booth this summer and sell to your heart's content! Just beautiful!

  2. They all look so beautiful!!!! :-)

  3. Such treasure! The more I see your soap adventures the more I want to start soap making myself. You are such an inspiration for me!

  4. No mail presents for me... though I'm saving up for something special - so maybe in a month or two!

  5. your packaging is lovely too

  6. It all looks fabulous. I don't think I signed up on Ravelry. I'm a loser, but I'm going to send you a message now, and if you don't mind me asking so late in the game, if you can spare one of those tins of lotion bars I will be all the squeals. I'll ping you on Ravelry and you can let me know what the deets are.