Monday, March 28, 2016

Good Times

As hard as I had worked on Saturday to make sure Sunday would go smoothly, Easter morning was a bust. First, I woke up to dark clouds and cold weather when the forecast had been for a decent day. I was fuming. I had planned lots of outdoor fun. The poor Mister had to put up with my tantrum while I raged all morning against Mother Nature. My next trial was when the bouquet I had bought for the table turned out to be skimpy. I had to go out and cut some camellias to fill in the gaps. I wasn't happy.

 Thank goodness the day took a turn for the better when the family showed up at noon. Daughter had tulips.

 In spite of the bad weather we went to the beach to show the Grands "the big water".

Someone had hidden eggs in the sand and a tiny thing in a bonnet was collecting them in her basket. How clever of them.

 Back at home we had an egg hunt of our own. So far no rain but it was cold. Ugh.

 We had stuffed our eggs with little cars and dollar bills. We had no idea what people put in eggs these days.

 Big Grand asked to dye eggs and we just so happened to have a cup kit that was just right for little hands. He was very good at it. He made some beautiful eggs.

Cleaning up was as fun as the dyeing.

 Little Grand was not feeling so happy. He slept most of the day. He's getting those terrible top teeth poor thing.

The food turned out just fine. The weather was ominous but it never rained. We did everything I planned and more.  After all my early silliness it turned out to be a decent day-just like The Mister said it would.


  1. Well who needs the sun anyway when you have those sweet Grand babies to spend the day with! We got the rain that you didn't get....all day's still raining but it's all good cuz we needed it. We just put in a bunch of new trees and shrubs on the property.

  2. I'm glad it all worked out in the end. Your Grands are just adorable!

  3. I love happy endings! ( the whole day sounds just fine in fact!) I'm glad you could enjoy it. (sounds like you have a mighty good mister!)

  4. Deb

    i was cranky too and I dont like to be. i missed having my daughter who had to work in Tennesee, and my son who left for Mexico around me. I tried to enjoy the fact that this was Fireman s second Easter off with me. We had a little ham. I perked up in the afternoon. Holidays can be so expectation filled...glad yours made a turn for the fun!

  5. The big grand is SO cute. I'm sorry The Little has the teething issues, no fun for little ones, but he's rather adorable all sleeping in his picture. A hunt out by the water is brilliant. I love it. Is it wrong I was secretly happy to know someone else besides gets upset about things that are beyond my control and not necessary completely deterrent to having a good time? The Mister is a good man to like my husband to remind me, everything is gonna be okay. And yeah, your Easter looks more than okay! It looks fabulous!

  6. Love the grand wrapped up in your apron. You might have to make him his own boy-sized one!

  7. How can the day be anything but joyful with such a wonderful brood of grands!