Saturday, December 4, 2021

Down and Out


For those of you asking how I was doing with the booster, this is the answer. I spent yesterday planted on the couch amid the boxes and the piles. I had one miserable night of body aches, chills and a raging headache. My arm felt like someone stuck a harpoon through it. My arm was sore the first two times but nothing like this. Neither The Mister or I slept a wink Thursday night. We both felt awful but after about 24 hours we started to perk up again. I swear if we have to keep getting these jabs every 6 months I am just going to go live in the attic.


  1. Oh Deb, I feel for you. I'm still feeling awful after the second shingles vaccine we got on Wednesday evening. Dennis had one day of feeling vaguely like the flu. Me? I'm still feeling awful with fever, chills, random headache that comes and goes and wierdly like someone is sticking a knife in my right ear about every 15 seconds. Last night I looked it up and apparently it can last 2-3 days so maybe today will be the magic one.
    All I'm getting done is sitting and staring at the Christmas tree. I did pull myself out of bed to drive to Mandy's to walk Piper home from school. I've promised I'll do that with her every Friday until it snows. I wanted to keep my promise but I certainly wasn't having fun! Hope you're ALL better now. I'm with you on the jabs. No more shots!

  2. And the person who 'boosted' my parents said this one will have no affects! Ha. Not funny. I hope you continue to feel better!

  3. Similar for me, you will feel better in a few days it took me about a week. :)