Saturday, December 18, 2021

One Box at a Time


We've been living in a sea of boxes and yesterday we unpacked every single one of them. This is the floor between the living area and the disaster of the dining area where my tree should be but isn't. We were too tired after all that work to dig it out and put it up. Tomorrow. Maybe.

This is all that remains of the big mess. Four bags of canned goods and two boxes of glassware to be donated. We'll figure out where next week.

Even after hauling out a car full of the trash to the dump the place is still a mess. We've got furniture all over the place and it's all wrong but there's no sense moving it back and forth because we still have the new floor to put down. I hate it because we don't look like we're living in a construction zone anymore. It just looks like we're a couple of slobs. spite of it all Christmas is still happening in dribs and drabs around here. No Nose Santa is finally up on the old fridge where he belongs. The new fridge will be the last thing to do before we declare this job officially over. I can't wait. 


  1. Oh, my! What incredible progress! I don't know if I would take a break or make a big push to get more done!!!!

  2. My thigh muscles are aching just looking at that flooring! Lol

  3. You're almost there. I can't wait for a kitchen tour when it's done. Just the floor and fridge? Soon.