Tuesday, December 14, 2021

TNT: Hey Big Spender


You know what I just did? I went and spent $45 on floss. This floss. The green one. Just the green one. Why you may ask?

Because of this. I bought this pattern last Christmas and never could get all the materials here at the right time so it's been sitting and waiting. I picked it up the other night and got completely addicted. This doesn't look like much but it represents a lot of stitching. I had to rip out that big star and the other big motif at the bottom twice to get them right. 

Someday it just might look like this and it takes 20 skeins of the green to do it. 20. I originally only ordered five because I doubted I would stick with it but it seems I like stitching with one color so I went ahead and bought the rest of it and it wasn't cheap. Hopefully I have enough Christmases left to get it done. I've got another birthday coming up this week and it seems that lately they've been coming way too often. 


  1. Doesn't each year seem to go so much faster than the last. Especially the past couple of years. That is such a gorgeous kit. 20 skeins of one color? WOW!!!!!

  2. I do love that Quaker piece. Very pretty. The Classic Colorworks floss is not cheap, but it is so lovely to work with - enjoy!!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful work of art this will be! I'm glad you enjoyed it--it's nice to spend money on something besides supplies at Lowe's! lol

  4. Quaker Christmas is definitely on my "to do" someday. It is beautiful.

    Those Quaker motifs DO take much longer than you expect. I'm doing Quaker Schoolhouse and it is SLOW going.

  5. Wow, that sampler is gorgeous! Happy Stitching

  6. Oh how pretty! I think it is grand