Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Must Be Santa


Normally we start our Santa puzzle on December 1st and try to get it done by Christmas but this year I only got it started yesterday.

We've been doing this puzzle every year since 1994 but this year I almost skipped it. It wasn't so much the construction site I am living in. I could have dealt with it. I tried using the furniture I could get to.

It wasn't the where. It was the why. Puzzles remind me of lockdown and remembering lockdown gives me the willies. I used to sit and listen to all the scary news on the radio while working on puzzle after puzzle last year and that feeling still resonates especially now when things are pretty bleak again. At the last minute I decided the puzzle must be done and The Mister even cleared the dining room so I could dig out the table and set it up. It sure won't be done by Christmas but it will be done. Santa can't be denied. I can only imagine the bad luck that might bring on. 


  1. I'm glad you're doing your Santa puzzle. Traditions cannot be denied. Things are looking bleak again but it sounds as if you're fully vaccinated and boostered that things will be much easier even if you get sick. And we won't get sick will we? Nope. Not us. :-)

  2. That does look like a fun puzzle - enjoy!! We always do puzzles in the winter...I may have to dig one out.

  3. I think you should put on a good christmas movie while you work on it - that should help banish the bad news willies

  4. I noticed it cleared out right away! Go ahead and do the puzzle and make a new memory!

  5. Turn off the news and play some Christmas carols while you work the puzzle this year. The lively music should lift your spirits - a festive cocktail will help, too. 😉