Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Wednesday WIPs: Finally Some Progress!


Look at that. An almost normal kitchen. In one spot. All the same it had The Mister and I doing a happy dance.

The sink wall still looks like this. The Mister opens up the cabinet, looks around, plays with some plastic pipe thingys, makes ugly noises and then goes and does something else. Getting a sink anytime soon isn't looking good. 

Then there is the floor. We've still got plywood and plastic. We are holding the plastic down with pieces of the new floor. It's really heavy. Since putting down the floor will mean destroying the living area once again we've decided to hold off on it until after the tree comes down which knowing me will be December 26th at the break of dawn. 

We've also got to put all the shelves in the cabinets and put on the handles. The list is never ending. 

Right now The Mister is more interested in doing stuff like this. 

Chimneys don't clean themselves and wood doesn't split and stack itself. Getting these chores done while the weather is still decent is fine by me. It's nice to get outside and out of the kitchen for a while. He splits. I stack.

My reward for all that hard work? An after dinner fire complete with serenading owls. A night to remember. 


  1. I love to hear owls at night! Your fire looks lovely. More importantly progress has been made in the kitchen - looking good Deb!!

  2. You are certainly a calm and patient person! The stove area looks very nice.

  3. Yes, the upkeep and re-keep of a house is never done! The kitchen stove area is amazing!!!

  4. Your stove looks great!! Hope you get a sink soon!

  5. The finished area looks awesome!!! It is going to be such a great kitchen when complete. I admire you for all the work and patience.

  6. It looks wonderful! I don't know how you can be so patient about a kitchen sink. I would be going bonkers.
    Firewood is important. We're supposed to get our first snow on Friday so I'm planning to hunker down and go nowhere.

  7. Woo Hoo! The stove area looks fabulous.

  8. You stove area is GORGEOUS!

    You two very much deserved that fire. Hope there were marshmallows!