Saturday, December 11, 2021

Glad Tidings


After spending Thursday twiddling his thumbs The Mister thought better of putting off the plumbing for the weekend and tackled it bright and early. There was still a lot of yelling but.........

.........we have water! We're still on the lookout for leaks but so far so good. We've even got the dishwasher up and running. I don't know how to contain my joy. It's been almost exactly 3 months since I've had water in the kitchen. 3 months. 

Speaking of joy....I was so happy with my little Ikea Strala candelabra that I bought myself a big Swedish bridge candelabra to sit on the windowsill over the sink. It's really beautiful. I don't know why I am so holly jolly festive this year. Usually by this time I am a total Grinchy McScrooge. 


  1. That bridge candle is not so Christmassy that it couldn't stay out all through the dark months. It's beautiful.

    Love your new sink/faucet. We have that same faucet! LOL But, I don't have your lovely deep sink.

  2. Oh my-- what a long time coming!! Yay for running water in the kitchen!!

  3. Hip, Hip Hurray! Water! I'm so glad you finally have water in the kitchen again. I don't know how you've done it.
    We've been thinking of getting a new kitchen counter but that means a new undermount sink and I love the sink Dennis just put in. There is nothing wrong with this sink so I think we'll live with the laminate one we have. Dennis really wants to get me a new one, and I say, why bother?

  4. Oh, I am so very happy for you!!!!! The lights in the window over the sink is just what you need! WATER!!!! Yippee!!!