Friday, December 10, 2021

Friday Stuff


This is one of those posts that is all over the place because that's just how life is at the moment. Things are coming at me fast and furious on this countdown to Christmas. On Black Friday I got a bunch of bargains from Connecting Threads and they just showed up.

All I meant to order was the binding fabric for the baby quilt that I had forgotten to order but I came away with a bunch of cool stuff including this great bag and saved $20 bucks on the whole deal. That bag is nice and heavy with a pocket inside. I don't know why I wanted it. I never go anywhere anymore but I do love bags and I am sure I can find a quilting project that I can tuck into it. 

Then there is this. We started the plumbing but like everything else it was ill fated. I am showing The Mister under the sink but it was mostly me under there. He can't bend that way anymore. Of course everything I did was wrong and we ended up screaming at each other for most of the day and then gave it up. We'll try again on Monday. After that debacle we're taking a long weekend. 

We did get the faucet set up but still no water. I kept saying to just call a plumber but Mr. DIY or Die wouldn't see it my way. Once again it is a question of old dogs and new tricks. The Mister is stuck in his way of doing things and all these new fangled gadgets need a new fangled approach to installing them and he won't hear of it. Sigh. 

In the midst of all this turmoil there was a bright spot. I didn't make it to my annual Ikea Christmas pilgrimage this year but I did get a new little Strala light from someone off Ebay. It's so cute and almost makes my wreck of a kitchen festive. 

And's the big first birthday of the latest Baby Grand. He starts off a crazy month of birthdays here. His mom's is tomorrow. Then we have me, #1 Son, DIL and finally the Solstice Grand who isn't much of a baby anymore. It's a good thing we are all spaced out over the country or there would be a whole lot of cake to be eating in December. 


  1. Cake eating! NEVER a bad thing.

    Happy birthday to all the December babies, and not-so-much babies anymore.

  2. What a sweet baby picture. Love your new bag. I will not allow Fletch to do ANY plumbing job!! LOL Do not ask me why.

  3. My grandson turns 5 today! Wishing our grandsons that share a birthday many, many years of good health and fun adventures!

  4. I too, got sucked into the Connecting Threads Black Friday sale... I got a bunch of backing yardage because my stores were getting a little low.

    I don't think Dave and I could do plumbing together. It would ended up being Ms Scarlet (me) killed Mr Black (Dave) in the kitchen with a pipe wrench!

  5. I have a hard time convincing my guy to hire anyone , too. they are not 30 anymore!!!!!
    There are six of us with birthdays in Dec, too, and it does become a bit of a circus with all of the other goings on! Yikes!

  6. I love those baby legs. There is just nothing like baby legs and feet. Happy Birthday to all of the December birthdays. If the cake is chocolate, I could eat the entire thing!
    I'm sorry about the plumbing. Dennis installed a new sink and faucet in the kitchen after we moved in but with the bathroom remodel he's very, very happy to have a plumber do it for us.

  7. Happy Birthday to you and all those who celebrate this month! Plumbing is no fun!