Thursday, December 9, 2021

Soap Tale of Woe


This is what my soap drying racks look like. This one is practically empty and the rest are empty. The one awful thing about dragging this kitchen thing out so long is that my soap room has become a staging area so I can't cook up any soap.

And..since I haven't been making soap or giving it away my stock isn't being rotated either. I usually go through a lot of soap and now what I have left is old. This is what my few remaining bars of goat's milk soap looks like. It seems to be turning color on the bottom where it touches the metal rack. I wasn't happy to see this. 

I took a knife to the bad parts and got it off those rusty shelves. It better last me until I can get back to making more or I'm going to be down the street at the little artisan soap shop picking up some of theirs. I just can't go back to store bought. 


  1. Sooon.. you'll have your kitchen back soon!

  2. You have a stove top now! Soon it will be the rest. I'm sorry that your soap stock is running low but I know you'll rectify that soon.

  3. It's good you could trim off the bottom of the bars of soap--it is a precious commodity!