Friday, December 3, 2021

Done, Done and Done


We did it. We finished the grouting. 

It's finally starting to look like something. I have hope. 

I've been getting up early to work on these. I worked on them in the morning, the kitchen all day and the baby quilt at night. 

But they are finally all done. All 32 of them. I'm tired. 

I'm not doing anything for a couple of days. We got boosted yesterday afternoon and I'm planning on some serious couch time while we take a break from the kitchen until Monday when we'll tackle the plumbing IF we are feeling up to it. 

Right now I just want to watch Christmas movies and my vintage twinkle light. My parents found this for me in a thrift shop and Dad re-wired it. It's just like the one they always had when we were growing up. If that's all I manage to get out for the holiday this year it will be enough. It means that much to me. 


  1. I've never seen a twinkle light like that one. It is very interesting and pretty.

    Those vintage things are my jam, bag, .... let's just say I'm a vintage person that loves vintage things.

  2. The invitations are so cute! Glad you two got boosted - take a few days to relax now!

  3. That kitchen looks great! I like the metal backsplash for behind the stove. Really fits in great. It is finally coming together.
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  4. Your kitchen is looking wonderful! You've turned a corner for sure.
    The cards are beautiful too. 32 is a lot but I'm sure they are appreciated
    I've never seen a twinkle light like that either. It's interesting and pretty at the same time.
    And finally, I'm glad you got the booster. How are you today? I got my 2nd shingles shot Wednesday and have been pretty miserable.

  5. Looks like your kitchen karma has turned around! It looks great!!!

  6. Several things checked off your list! Well done. Hopefully, you and the Mister won’t have any side effects from the booster.

  7. You just might have a kitchen by Christmas--what a present! Looks great! The invitations looks so sweet--good job. Rest up well!