Sunday, December 12, 2021

Knit News


Itty bitty advent sweater number 2 is coming together much easier than number 1. I've got the body done and am working on the first sleeve. For some reason I did the wrong ribbing on the first one. The second one looks much better. 

I've also been working a bit on Altheda's second sleeve. I can only work on her when the weather is below 40. Woolly wool itches me to death unless it's really cold and we've been having roller coaster weather. Cold one day, warm the next. It's crazy.

My poor socks haven't been touched in ages. There's been just too much kitchen drama this week to settle down with anything at night. If I don't steal a few minutes out of the day to get a row or two on something-it just doesn't happen. As soon as the sun goes down I can't keep my eyes open long enough to get through a single show or the chapter of a book. I think I'm in hibernation mode. 


  1. Those little itty bitty sweaters are so cute. Every year I tell myself I'm going to make a few for tree decorations and every year I get too busy making other things. Well, maybe next year.
    I want so badly to make myself a beautiful pullover sweater like your Altheda but I need to loose about 70 lbs. first. I want it to look good. I guess I could give up chocolate. Maybe. :-)

  2. Im amazed you get any stitching done with the kitchen under construction - that's such a big job!

  3. Sweater #2 is sweet, especially alongside #1.

  4. Oh, I really like the green sweater! I would like to be in hibernation mode but this month gets too busy to drop out!