Wednesday, May 10, 2017


 That doesn't look like a sheep does it?

She is a Jacob and they don't look like a typical sheep. They look very wild and ancient, don't they?

 No locks to pull out. She is a bit of a matted mess.

 It looks like she also liked a good roll in the hay.

 It was bright and sunny yesterday so I grabbed a few handfuls to wash while we still had some sun.

 She was pretty clean. Jacobs aren't very greasy sheep.

 One wash, one rinse....

 ...and a good spin did it.

 The sun did the rest.

 I gave it a combing with my wide combs to break up the mats and then ran it through the carder. Now on to the spinning so I can see if I brought home a keeper.


  1. Is there any craft you don't do???? I am in AWE!!!!

    Have fun with the fleece. Looks like it is going to be a lovely mix of colors.

  2. It's amazing how dirty and ugly and greasy transforms into warm, fluffy and beautiful.

  3. Amazing transformation. I think Jacob sheep are very regal looking.

  4. This will be exciting to watch the steps in the transformation! Just from the first photo to the last on this post there is an amazing change - from really unappealing to soft colors and textures!

  5. You spinners amaze me, especially when the wool is just off the sheep. So much work!
    I actually saw some Jacob sheep a few summer ago on a remote island in Wisconsin!

  6. That end result looks like heaven. I love the natural grey colour too.

  7. OhI'm sure it will be a keeper!! Love the natural colors.

  8. Such simple pleasures....enjoy the time with the wool!

  9. I miss spinning. There is such a transformation from beginning to end, I never fail to be amazed.Your photos are beautiful and I have never spun a Jacob before, so pretty.

  10. Wonderful transformation! Looks like a keeper to the color!