Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Five Ta Dahs

 That's a big pile of markers for a big project. I used them to mark every 24 stitches so you can do the math.

 Every time I wrote about this particular project someone would say they couldn't wait to see it done. Me too.

It's Aubade and it's done but it's a hot mess. It needs a severe blocking but I don't have any of that stuff with me.

You can kind of get the idea. It's round. It's going to be much bigger and pretty holey after blocking. It will probably look like a big yellow spider web when I am done pulling it out. That's some very fine yarn. The thinnest I've ever used.

The latest Undines are done too. I like them. I want to start another pair. They go so quickly.

 I've also got two twiddle mitts done. One for Daddio, one for Kathy B. I still have to add the undetermined doo dads.

 The pattern I used had you knit a liner. So that really counts as four right?

The first kitty pouf is also done-minus the face and the stuffing. I don't have any stuffing with me and the face embroidery is worrying me so it will wait until I get the second kitty done.

Finally, I finished the Santa. I still have his sheep to do but Santa himself is done. He needs his beard and his beading but they are added at the end. As much trouble as I had with this guy, I am calling this a major victory in the stitching department. Yay me. I was so pleased with myself I bought another stitching kit. Wait until you see this one. I hope it's waiting for me when I get home-tonight!


  1. OHHHHHH...the Aubade is beautiful even unblocked. Congratulations. GORGEOUS!!!

    You got a lot of work done while kitty sitting. Meanwhile, I knit the same damn heel SIX TIMES and spent 2 hours untangling a f&C$tangle of yarn barf before deciding it just wasn't worth it and pitching the last quarter of the skein in the garbage.

  2. The shawl is gorgeous! Great progress on Santa! I am already addicted to MillHill kits.

  3. Wow! Wow! You certainly did accomplish a LOT! I'm so impressed. And your twiddle mitts look much better than mine do, love the Shaw, the socks, the stitcher, the kitty pouf. Did I forget anything???? Way to go!

  4. Nice accomplishments! You should kitty-sit regularly! lol
    I am half done with my twiddle mitt-I had many false starts until I could get the right size!

  5. OMG! You are a brave, brave, brave lace knitter! I'm in awe! That Aubade shawl looks seriously complicated. Well done!! Looks like kitty sitting served you well. ;-)

  6. All you needed was some quiet time! Aubade is going to look amazing after blocking!

  7. WOW! You accomplished so much while kitty sitting. And, everything is GORGEOUS. The shawl is stunning. The socks are pretty and fun. Love your little stitched piece and the kitty pouf and twiddle muffs are just wonderful. What are you going to attach to the muffs? I'm trying to figure out what to get (buy) or use (from stash stuff).

  8. YOu are knitting at warp speed, hey that is funny considering you are a weaver too. Love your projects. I am starting a twiddle thingy for Kathy B tonight.

  9. Deb Your Twidlle MItts are awesome! i saw a pattern with a liner too. YES you get to count them as 4! I am curious about Daddio's response. I hope it is something he likes. I love the checkerboard you made. Do you need my new address?

  10. Wow! You are on fire! The yellow spider web is dreamy. It's going to look even more fabulous blocked. Ahh, the Undines. I will have to get back on that pattern. It's a classic goodie!