Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May Flowers

 The main color is green here but there are a few pops of color here and there.

 These are all my new additions to the the woods that surround me.

 The green undergrowth aka weeds is starting to take over.

 This is my sure sign spring is here to stay. This year's crop is amazing. They are huge.

 The hostas are full size now. That's our new sidewalk and steps The Mister put in before Easter. The old one had fallen to pieces.

 The creek is being covered by green. See you next winter.

 Hoover approves of the weather. He's been spending his days and nights guarding the deck so I am finally getting a whole night's sleep again.

That's the tree cover. We are in the shade again.

 Look at that mess. Those are tulip poplars and they shed like mad in the spring. I have to keep the broom handy both inside and out.


  1. Spring has indeed sprung where you are. It's coming here, just a bit more slowly than we would like.

  2. You are making me so jealous!!! I want to live where it is GREEN!!!! LOL

    Your yard looks wonderful. Hubby did a good job on those new steps.

  3. I love how you measure the marks of Spring!

  4. It's very green here too... but we should have more colour! But for the last week we've had nothing but rain! There's moss on my fence!

    Hoover is so handsome!

  5. Great great picture of Hoover

  6. Your spring photos are great. I love seeing all the woods and the growing stuff where you live. The bug potential seems high, but it's so beautiful I'd get over my issues. Hoover's a pretty cute deck guard cat. Keep him!

  7. Hoover definately looks capable of deck guarding....he's a pretty husky boy. Love all your spring blooms. Yay Spring! I just love Spring!