Friday, May 5, 2017

When Weaving Attacks

 I was just congratulating myself on how well this complicated weaving project was going when....

 ...I decided to take a look at the photo that comes with the draft. Mine looked terrible in comparison. My pattern was too elongated and spread out to have any definition at all. Ugh. I checked the reed. I checked my sett-which is gauge in weave speak. It was off.

Here's the picture from the kit. See the difference? Oh, dear.

One of the reasons I think my pattern was so distorted was that I wasn't beating it hard enough. I'm rather timid and hate to be mean to the poor little loom but you have to do it. When I did decide to give it all I had the threads started snapping like crazy. I lost the selvages on both sides and other random threads. Back to the drawing board again. Grrr.....

 I had no choice but to pick it all out. It was oddly relaxing.

 I had a trash can full of ends.

I was ready to start again after repairing the broken threads but.....

 ...the problem was that for every thread I fixed another one broke. It was a mess. Super thin 10/2 Pearly Perle is not my friend. It all went in the trash. It felt good to be done with it and you know I don't give up easily.

 Now I have a naked loom.

And lots of leftover 5/2 Pearly Perle and not a clue as to what to do with it. It's not as thin as the 10/2 so it's worth saving. I do know my next project will be something easy. That purple thing kicked my butt.


  1. I think your purple thing looked great before you started tearing it apart! Sometimes patterns should be looked at as suggestions. Ha ha ha! I'm sorry for all of the time that you lost while taking it apart. But knowing you, you'll come up with something much better soon. Blessings, Betsy

  2. Oh no! So sorry! Such wonderful colors.

  3. It IS oddly satisfying to throw the whole thread mess in the garbage! Be gone rotten project! On to weaving pleasure!

  4. Oh no! Sometimes you've just got to know when to walk away!

  5. Oh Deb! Im so sorry. I have to agree with above. Be gone rotten project . Be gone!

  6. Oh no!! I admire your stamina though. I probably would have just left it and proceeded in total denial.