Saturday, May 13, 2017

Inner Harbor View

Here is the latest Miss Babs in the 2017 MDSW colorway all wound up. I've been to the Inner Harbor many times and I think she nailed the reflection of the neon lights on the water.

 Here it is as a fledgling sock. It's going to be fun. Plain, but fun. Those colors are so wild no pattern could tame them.

I am using the Magic Loop with them on my new Knitter's Pride circulars because when I used my new Chiagoo Red sock needles on my last socks I kept dropping stitches and even worse, dropping the needles out of whole rows of stitches. They are really slippery needles and I'm not in the mood for drama.

Undine is progressing nicely too. She is still on double points because those needles are behaving, thank goodness.


  1. Wow! I really like that yarn. Those colors are something else. I always seem to go back to my dpn's although I try other needles. Have fun!

  2. I love how that Inner Harbor is knitting up. What is the colorway for Undine? I really like that too.

  3. I love the Undine pattern. Good for you and corralling those needles. You just cant have slippage on tiny sock stitches. It is so aggravating.

  4. What is it about wild color that is so attractive?! This is going to be a happy pair of socks!

  5. That looks like fun yarn.

    I can't use metal dpns AT ALL!!! Just not sticky enough for me.

  6. That new sock yarn looks like a lot of fun.

    Steve and I went to the Inner Harbor for our honeymoon. I'm guessing it has changed a lot after all these years. LOL