Wednesday, May 31, 2017

And That's Not All

 In addition to all those knitting finishes I accomplished a lot of other things over the long weekend too.

 I brought along the art supplies and had fun getting used to some new brushes I bought for the watercolors.

I also brought two of the big stamps I have for some adult coloring sessions. I can waste hours playing with my markers and pencils in a quiet room. That's the time of day I am going to miss the most. I can't seem to find the time for this back at home.

 I ran out of the multi colored squares so I couldn't finish the border I was hoping to get done on the quilt. Since I had lots of navy squares leftover I decided to add a third border onto the one I just started. This thing is getting out of hand.

 I spun a lot but I am not happy with this fiber. Not at all. It's sticky and lumpy and I don't think it's going to give me what I want. I have never abandoned a MDSW shawl project but I am seriously considering it. I'll have to go take a look at the other fiber I brought home and see if I can make a trade.

 My first Miss Babs sock is at the heel. I am not in any hurry to finish these. I need them by May of 2018 so I've got plenty of time.

I also got this much read which is amazing for me. Life is so different without any distractions but I have to say I am ready to go home.  This sort of solitude is fun for a while but I need to be where the action is.


  1. I am just so impressed. You accomplished so much! You paint beautifully too. Is there no end to your r artistic endeavors?

  2. Even though I know you do so many different things, it still amazes me. I really haven't stitched since I got back into knitting...didn't knit when I was heavy into stitching. I think my brain can't handle too many projects at once - LOL

  3. You have filled every minute with great success. Have a safe journey home.

  4. This was a great reprieve for you and now you will powerhouse through your 'regular' life!
    I love the Miss Babs sock yarn!

  5. You DO paint beautifully. WOW. My sister just started painting again, and it is so good for her. Glad you had that quiet spell and you can feel refreshed !

  6. I think you need to start carving out some distraction free time for yourself... maybe just one afternoon a week.

  7. I bet the pups will be glad to have you back home....not to mention the Mister. I'm loving the Miss Babs sock. That colorway is so neat.

  8. Your painting is beautiful, you have a real talent :) Looking forward to your finished socks, I just love that yarn!