Friday, May 12, 2017

A SIgn of the Times

We were met with this notice on our walk at the beach today. If you want to go down to the water, you have to pay. Tourist season has officially begun.

There was also something else new on the landscape. A carnival in the main parking lot.

 The Mister and Pup wandered around the grounds. You can just barely see them on the right.

It spooked me so I stayed behind on the sidewalk with Old Doggie. I hung out by the food carts and wondered what a deep fried oreo tasted like.

There were more signs at the local produce mart. Crab season is here. Thank you Bay. Thank you EPA for cleaning her up.

 The little market is all abloom.

 I wish I had a place for some of these pretties No sun. All shade chez moi.

 Time for a stop at the coffee shop. Pup waits anxiously with me while The Mister goes in.

A blueberry muffin was our surprise today.

 Old Doggie, who is doing better these days but is now fighting allergies, liked it better than Pup did. I thought it was yummy.

 I love this sign on the antique shop. I need one of those so I can find my glasses.

 Sure signs that summer is on the way in the park.

 The water lilies are in bloom.

Finally the sign we've been waiting for. Our Farmer's Market is more like a drunken street fest every Friday-lots of wine and beer vendors with great music. Although I am more of a winter person, summer does have it's good points.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. And you shouldn have tried the deep-fried Oreos. I've had one and they are amazing! Especially if you put some whip cream on top! Probably not good for the diet, but they sure taste great. I love the hand sign too. Have fun.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. I'm so glad Old Doggie is feeling better and hopefully the cone can be removed soon too. Mine all hate the cone. What a wonderful place you have to walk in but it's to bad there is a fee to get near the water. It's getting so there'a a fee for everything these days. Sigh

  3. You are living in such a nice place!

  4. Your town sounds lovely.

    I guess a lot of northern beaches charge for access. I've never seen a paid-for beach in Florida although maybe "down south" they charge in the ritzy areas.

  5. Yay for farmers markets, blueberry muffins and crabs! Love that hand sign. I don't like those small carnivals that pop up everywhere...I'm always worried the rides aren't safe.

  6. We have the beach restrictions here for most of the on ramps. It's tough. I love your other signs of summer! Water lilies that are pink-beautiful!

  7. You've got such a great little town!

  8. Ah, summer! I'm not sure it will ever come to us. One thing we love about OR is its public beaches, thanks to a long ago governor.

  9. Oh what a fun post! I felt like I got to adventure out with you. I have no desire to eat a fried oreo though I do love fried things. I think I'm more a chicken girl. But I love some butter garlic crab Mmmm is for Maryland! LOL.

    I love that antiques sign too. Wishing you a good weekend. Looks like a good start.