Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Stitch By Stitch

 I conquered second sock syndrome.

 I've got both sibling socks on the needle. It was touch and go.

 Astro Turf? It feels like it. This Scrubby is scrubby.

 This one keeps getting prettier. I am so in love with this cotton.

 Don't laugh. I crocheted (!) a square to use as a dish mat with my leftover cotton. I needed something I could sit little pet dishes on so they would drain. It's wonky but it works. I need a stack of these.

Last but not least, those sleeves aren't very interesting but they are bigger. The brown one only has another few rows to go and then I have another to cast on. Second sleeve syndrome-is that a thing?


  1. You had a very productive day!!!

    That scrubby DOES kind of look like artificial grass. LOL

  2. Hey, I recognize that dpn cozy! May I ask how many stitches you cast on for the round dishcloth? The second he’s I make are 21 sits, but they look a lot bigger than yours. I like the six eof the ones you make and you’re right. That yarn is very pretty. Congrats on the second sock!!!

    1. I love that thing! I cast on 14 and do 14 rounds.

    2. Me, too; it's a fun and pretty knit.

  3. I am going to get some of that scrubby fiber and try it. You are such a creative girl on all fronts.

  4. I need to do that! Nice work on the sleeves; I always feel a sleeve is almost like another back!

  5. I love your petals dishcloth so much!!! I think second anything is a syndrome! second sock, second fingerless, second baby booties, second sleeves

  6. Nice to see so much knit projects being conquered! You are doing great on beating the race for sleeves-so boring!

  7. The round dishcloth pattern definitely showcases the yarn. It's gorgeous.