Friday, May 11, 2018

Drat That Cat

 Look at what I woke up to.

 One of my cats pulled the sleeve I've been working on out of my knitting bag and drug it all over the house all night.

I had the bag hanging on the back of a kitchen chair and still have no idea how the little bugger pulled that sleeve out. I know who it was. He does it all the time if I am not careful. He's the same one that got into the wool and cost me a fortune in vet bills from a respiratory infection.

 This is a sleeve from a kit sweater so I better not run out of that brown.

It was too tangled and dirty to deal with so I cut it off, sealed it up and put it away. I just went ahead and joined a new ball. If I run out, I'll have to untangle it and wash it. Ugh. I really hope I don't. I'm really allergic to cats and all that kitty spit is giving me the heebie jeebies. Bad kitty.


  1. Oh dear!!! Hope you can finish without having to go into this yarn. Yuck!

  2. Been there. Done that. Hope to not do it tomorrow.

    If one of our current cats did it, you can be that Pip the Narc kitty would let us know IMMEDIATELY.

  3. UH OH ... hope it all works out for you, the sweater AND the kitty.

  4. Ooh no, bad kitty!

    One of my friend's cats always did this when she was knitting socks. She had to start using a zippered bag to store her knitting.

  5. Oh. no! What a mess. We’ve been lucky so far that our cat never did that, but since were getting two new cats next month, I’m not sure what they’ll be up to. I sure hope you don’t need that yarn.

  6. I have to put all my yarn in drawers or closets. Fezzik is the main offender. He will wait as I knit and if I get up for even a moment and leave it down, he grabs it and runs

  7. I wake up to a ball of yarn out of the cubbie and loved every morning-not a tangle very often, though! Discouraging to wake up to for you-what a mess!

  8. Been there done that a time or two...knitting seems to bring out the naughty in cats. Of course my dogs have gotten into it too!!