Saturday, May 12, 2018


 Trini had her first test wash. She cleaned up beautifully. I washed a handful and then I washed some separated locks just to compare.

 I wasn't sure how to comb her so I tried the hand carders first.

 I got some cute little rolls.

 She spun like a dream. I can't tell how soft she is until I ply it.

I also had another go at Finley who is the softest Shetland I have ever washed. Dirty, but soft. Sadly, I also got eaten up by bugs while I worked on this out on the deck. I'm an itchy mess. I guess I'm stuck in the house now until the first frost. Darn. This spring was the worst.


  1. Looks beautiful. We've had bugs too...mostly flies and bees. Thankfully no mosquitoes...yet

  2. I love the bright white of Trinidad! We get what the locals call Love Bugs for the month of May (they fly around 'joined' most of the time). The bugs don't bite but they are numerous and fly into your face or all over whatever you are doing outside!

  3. Lovely white wool. I hope Trinidad spins nicely for you. Sorry that the bugs have forced you back inside. It's still too cool here for bugs but also for humans to be outside without a light jacket.

  4. Both fleeces are just beautiful and you make the prerpttiets rolags. Mine never turned out so perfectly rolled.
    Sorry about the bugs. We have mosquitoes this year which is HIGHLY unusual. This has been the strangest spring so far.

  5. Ooooooo...looks so fluffy and soft.

  6. The fleeces look just beautiful! Looking forward to seeing what they become. Such a few spring days here in Virginia this year. Now we are having 90+ days and I dislike the heat, humidity, mosquitoes, wasps, fleas, ticks, snakes, etc. In other words, summer is not my favorite time of the year.

  7. Beautiful rolags!! Bugs aren't the only thing keeping me inside most of the day's been in the 90's all week!