Saturday, May 19, 2018

Rain, Rain....

It has been pouring since Tuesday.

 It was fun at first but now living in darkness has gotten old. That's Daddio's wedding ring quilt getting it's binding on. I can't sew it down because it is black and it is too darn dark to even think about it.

 After I finish that one I only have one left of his to do.  This is a really early one. He was all into half square triangles. He was using Thangles and I have to say it actually looks pretty nice up close.

Next up on the free motion machine will be this itty bitty Valentine quilt. It's waited its turn long enough.

The next mini quilt will be this one. I need to work up the mojo for it. There is a lot of precise cutting and piecing. I am going to need lots of sunshine and patience for this guy.

As for Dear Jane, yes, the paper comes out. I've got this little spatula to help pry them out when the time comes. I have some Heat N Bond and I think I am going to fuse all the blocks down on 6 inch squares to secure them before I think about joining them. Lots of plans-but until the sun shines, little interest.


  1. It’s been raining here too but the sun is supposed to break through tomorrow evening so there is hope! Love all of your quilting plans. You have much more patience than I could imagine having.

  2. Pinwheels! I love pinwheels, and the colors your Dad used make them cheerful. The Saltwater mini blocks are interesting. I may try to enlarge the block.

  3. Near to the finish on the wedding ring quilt has to be exciting! The HST quilt of your dad's is very cool; scrap quilts really sparkle! I hope it clears up for you soon-the 5 days of gloom we had does wear you down!

  4. We just had a wee little rain storm, its cozy inside when it rains, but maybe not for that many days. Love the quilts.

  5. Both of your Dad's quilts are beautiful! The half-square triangles look perfect in the photo. Would imagine it will be bittersweet to complete his quilts. I am always impressed by your talent and what you accomplish. It has rained so much and so long here that we are now experiencing some flooding and closed intersections. To add insult, it is so hot and muggy when we have breaks in the rain. Hope you get sunshine soon.

  6. Daddio's HST quilt is so cheerful!
    Hope your rain stops soon!

  7. We need rain - send it our way!

  8. It looks like it takes quite a bit of work to get all that paper back out again.

    All of your beautiful projects sure brighten up the grey days we have been having.

  9. Your quilts are just amazing! I'm still struggling with stitching in the ditch.
    The older i get, the more I need sunshine to work with dark colors or details. Guess I should never move to Seattle!

  10. Love all of those quilts. Binding quilts is my nemesis, and I can procrastinate that forever. Hope your rain quits soon; it's raining here and rained quite a bit when we were in Chicago.It's not still April, is it?