Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Bathroom Update

We took a trip to Ikea yesterday so I could get some whatnots to finish off my new bathroom. That reminded me that I have not been posting about all the drama. Here goes......

 First, it was the new cabinet. It was big. It was heavy and there were no studs where we needed them to be. We had to cut out drywall and add studs. Good times.

 The new cabinet took three days to get in place. Then I hated the Ikea light I had picked out. It was too dim and glared right over the mirror. Ugh. So we ripped it all out for the third time.

 While we were waiting for the new light to show up via Amazon we changed the plugs with minimal drama.

 And the exhaust fan. Lots of drama here. That's the poor Mister up in the attic up to his armpits in insulation cutting a bigger hole. What a mess.

 Ahhhh....the new light. Bigger, brighter....

 So bright you can see it from the space station. The Mister and I had a huge laugh over handing out sunglasses to visitors in need of a wee. We've got to get a dimmer for it. It's intense.

 Next up, sink plumbing. Ikea plumbing is for Swedish pipes. There were lots of adapters needed.

 Because the cabinet has drawers you only have 4 inches of play with the pipes. It's tricky, but it can be done.

 Look at that. Water. With no leaks. The job we thought would be the toughest was a piece of cake in comparison.

This is why I wanted the Ikea cabinet. Look how tall it is. I hate to bend down to the sink. Now it's right where I need it.

 The toilet was supposed to be easy. It wasn't. I learned a lot about flanges.

 The new toilet is one of those water saving things. I hate it already and I haven't really used it yet. I am trying all the You Tube hacks to get more water in the bowl.

We are still waiting on the real plumber to come hook up the bath tub and the shower. In the meantime we are waiting for any leaks to show up before we stick the drawers in the new cabinet. I have to say I'm pretty weirded out about the whole thing. My private space has been a public space for too long.  It's all going to take some getting used to. Who knew?


  1. Bathrooms and kitchens are the hardest rooms to re-work....but it will give a great return for a long time! Stick to the plan and work out problems along the way like you have or it will never get changed!!! I do like the choices you are making-good work!

  2. That's really quite a lot of progress! The bright light/sunglasses thing made me remember the time when my OH installed a new light fixture over our kitchen table. It has five little lights with shades and when he put the bulbs in (not thinking that the wattage needed to be adjusted down for FIVE bulbs in one fixture) he claimed he could see the bones in his hands the light was so bright!

  3. Looking real good! A lot of blood,sweat and tears went into it,I bet! I'm so jealous of women who have men who know how to do things around the house. Mine detests anything to do with house repair. Have to hire out for repairs unless I go on you tube and teach myself which I have done. Fun actually! I like all what you and your husband have accomplished!

  4. It's really looking good and I'm sure you have saved a ton of money by being able to do it yourselves. Now days it's crazy expensive to hire carpenters, plumbers and electritions.

  5. Hey give yourself a huge pat on the back. Bathrooms are tiny and full of difficulties . YOU ARE DOING gREAT. Even Fireman has your admiration. It will be awewsome done!

  6. You're inching closer! The end is nigh!!!

  7. Wow! Kudos to you and the Mister. The bathroom is looking great. Plumbing is never fun but that seems to have been the least of your issues. You’re going to love it when it’s done.

  8. Looking good! I'm impressed that you & your husband have done so much of the work yourselves. Kudos

    I'm not happy with the water level in my toilet bowl either, somplease share a hack when you find one that works.

  9. Oh gah!!!! Putting in a new toilet is the worst. We bought 3 before I found one I liked.