Monday, May 7, 2018

The Stuff

Now that it's all over I am filled with regret. I should have done this, I should have bought that-you know how it goes. All day Sunday I had my usual MDSW hangover. Some years I go back for seconds. This year neither the spirit or the flesh was willing but I do have my sweet little haul to soothe my angst. 

 The first thing I bought was this Merino/Silk blend in this year's MDSW colorway from Dragonfly Fibers. It's called Boardwalk Lights. I am a sucker for festival colorways and was soooo disappointed that Miss Babs had sold out of hers before I got there this year. Lesson learned. Go there first.

 Then I found this sock yarn at Into the Whirled. It's the colorway Herding Cats so you know I had to have it. I buy yarn as much for the name as I do for the actual colorway.

I found this at Misty Mountain Farms. It's Polwarth in the Wooden Ducks colorway. I'll tuck this away for a fall spin.  

Although I swore I wouldn't bring a fleece home I just had to have this California Red. I've never washed or spun this breed so it will be an adventure.

Her name is Trinidad and I guess I'll be washing her 4 pounds of fairly clean fleece for this year's TdF-and probably next year's too.

The Mister made just one purchase. How can you resist the maple booth? They are usually out of candy by the time we get there but we hit the jackpot this year. Tomorrow I'll share a MDSW rant. I've been going to this fest for about 30 years with nary a complaint but on Saturday I had an experience that made my blood boil.


  1. Oh that fleece looks magnificent! You did well with all your purchases. Now I need to know about this complaint. :-O

  2. I like everything that you bought, but I LOVE the two fibers. They make me want to buy another wheel and get to spinning again. I also love the fleece you got. It really does look very clean.

  3. Love the beautiful colors you chose. The fact that they give you info on the sheep is just too cute ~ love that!

  4. Yes, we hit Miss Babs first, got the show colorway and then hit Dragonfly. Instead of the show color, I got two of the Maryland cowl kits. And then lots of other goodies.
    I am curious to hear your complaint, as I had one too.

  5. You managed to come away with many lovely things! But, oh dear about your rant...I can't imagine what it is....

  6. Nice things!!!

    Yes - I get drawn in by the crazy names too. That's how I ended up with Velvet Elvis!

  7. I don't spin, but that fleece looks divine! I purchase yarn sometimes because of the colorway name, too. 😉

  8. I am a nut for interesting colorway names! My favorite so far is "Melted Box of Crayons".

  9. Herding Cats!!!!!! I would have had to buy it too! Ugh oh waiting for the rant!~

  10. What beautiful purchases! I love the rovings you found; we will look forward to seeing them spun up. I have heard good things about the California Red but never spun it either-have fun and keep us posted about the process.