Monday, May 21, 2018

Double Trouble

I've got a lot done on Mr. Herdwick this month.

It's because I ran out of thread on The Little Sheep Virtues. I couldn't stitch the words until my order from 123Stitch showed up. I have a long ride to any store that sells floss around here so I order it.

 This is what I thought I ordered. I went ahead and bought the last two remaining blocks and the floss that comes with it.

This is what I got. Somehow I double ordered the pattern.  Twice. Argh.....I didn't realize that when you mass ordered the floss that the pattern came along with it. It's not worth it to mail them back for a refund so I'll just hang onto them until the next giveaway. Someone might like to take them off my hands. They are awfully cute. Baaaaa......


  1. Such cute colors!!! Happy stitching!

  2. The colors in the floss bag is delicious!
    You are right-the extras will be appreciated by someone someday!

  3. Adorable. Maybe one day, I'll pick up my stitching again.

  4. Oh my gosh! I KNOW they will be appreciated by someone. I’ve been restraining myself from buying them! Ha ha! I love seeing the progress on your little sheep. Blessings, Betsy

  5. That's ALOT of stitching. I have a bunch of those put away because I couldn't see well enough to finish them. I have new glasses now so I should give it another whirl...