Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bathroom Update

 We are so close to being done that I am washing up my new towels and shower curtain for that first long awaited bath.

 It's still a work zone though.

This is the new holdup. The tub sits up off the floor on plywood and we have to cover the exposed edge with this plastic molding. When The Mister caulked the tile the fumes were so bad you couldn't open the door or go in for two whole weeks. It was vile stuff. When the plumber came to hook up the tub water supply he used caulk that was odorless. I had to order some to finish this job and we are still waiting...argh.

 In the meantime I am playing with the finishing touches.

We went to put up the new curved shower curtain yesterday and discovered I had forgotten to order the hooks.

 I've got my first bar of soap ready and waiting for that first bath. When the shower curtain hooks arrive today I just may give the new tub a try with or without the darn caulk. I'll try not to splash-too much.


  1. I'm not a bath sort of girl, but you go ...........enjoy that first good long soak.

  2. It's so hard to patient at the very end. I think you should just toss a towel down and go for it!

  3. The finish line is in sight! It looks like a very modern and bright bathroom-beautiful!

  4. I agree,you must take that long awaited bath! Love the colors you have chosen.

  5. The remodel turned out really well - kudos!

    I agree with Deb - enjoy your first luxurious soak.

  6. It looks just wonderful! Your story about all the unexpected issues to deal with just reinforced my thoughts that I would struggle with a remodel. The end result is certainly worth it. Love all the new accessories.

  7. Im excited for you! Love the towels bar sign. Champagne with that first bubble bath!