Tuesday, May 29, 2018


 The holiday weekend was pretty soggy. I bet you saw on the news what one little town here in Maryland looked like. We didn't get that horrific flooding but we did get buckets and buckets of rain. I took advantage of the down time and got Daddio's Thangle quilt sandwiched.

 It was my reward for finishing this one. I used up all his bits and pieces to pull this unfinished one together. I free motion quilted it half to death to make sure all those appliqued pieces stay put. I was racing the clock on this one because I wanted him to see it finished but....well, you know. Life gets in the way and all of sudden you are out of time.

 I also free motioned and bound off the Valentine's mini quilt that has been waiting its turn since....February.

I also got two more dishcloths finished. I loved that gradient cotton up until that last petal. It's just one too many to keep the gradient thing going. No biggie. It's just a dishcloth. Now the plan is to make some washcloths for my new bathroom. Bathroom update tomorrow.


  1. That is a gorgeous quilt and a great tribute to your Dad. I love the scrubby and dishcloth too and look forward to the bathroom update. I saw the news and I am very relieved to hear the flooding wasn’t bad for you. I feel for all of the others though.

  2. Gorgeous quilt!! So colorful and what a wonderful remembrance of Daddio!

  3. Beautiful finishes! The gradient dishcloth is a beauty.

    It was a soggy weekend here, too. My lawn looks great because of all the moisture.

  4. Love how your shoes and jammie pants match your Valentine quilt-let.

  5. The "leftovers" quilt is just beautiful! Love the design you created to make it all work. Of course, I also love the mini-quilt. Still raining each day here in Virginia but torrential downpours and no flooding this time. Hot and muggy - yuck.

  6. Love both of the quilts! So glad you weren't affected by the flooding. That must have been some storm.

  7. aw Daddio would love it. You were an amazing daughter to a not easy to live with daddio in the end. Hooray for bathroom finish and new washcloths