Sunday, May 27, 2018

Soap Tales

 My new soap supplies got here on Tuesday so I've been making soap all week.

 I do three batches at a time so it goes fast.

 The stick blender is still holding up. I'm on number two.

Mixing in the milks and other additives is always my favorite part.  They are the secret to a yummy bar.

 This is how the swirls are done. I gave up trying to be fancy so I take the easy way out. I just pour out several cups and add coloring.

After giving all the cups of color a small dose of scent it's time for pouring.

Into the main batter I just pour the cups of color down the front of the measuring cup. It makes rings.

 Then I just pour it into the mold. It does what it does. I like that I have no clue until I cut it as to what I get.

 The leftover batter is scraped onto the top.

 Wiggle, wiggle and then a pull down the center and you are done.

Not quite.  I almost forgot the glitter. What's soap without a few puffs of cosmetic grade glitter.

Voila. Not bad for a few hours work. Now they sit in the oven all night with just the light on to keep them warm so they turn into soap. These three loaves make 90 something bars that will ready in July. Use up your slivers. I'll have some real beauties to share in six weeks.


  1. This was really interesting Debra. I’ve wondered about the steps that go into making soap and now you have unveiled some of the mystery for me! These do look like they will be very beautiful.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. They are beautiful as always. I bet your house smelled wonderful.

  3. So fun and interesting to see your soap making process. They look beautiful at this stage. When taking my shower this morning, I was thinking your soap is such a treat. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  4. You are really confidently moving in the soap world-very pretty loaves curing!

  5. I've wondered about the process so thanks for showing us the steps!

  6. Beautiful!
    That only took a few hours? It looks like it would take all day.

  7. Interesting! Thanks for sharing!