Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Rant

 This is probably very petty of me but I just have to get it out of my system. First some background: here is Spiral Chicken, my spring rug hooking project.

 She is made by cutting up pieces of wool fabric. At these festivals that fabric is really pricey. $25 a yard pricey but there is one booth where it is not.

At a rug hooking guild's booth you can pick up these scrap bundles for next to nothing. They have piles you can dig through and I always look forward to picking up a new bundle or two of colors but this year I came home empty handed.

When I got to the very tiny guild booth, two ladies had shown up right before me with FOUR large grocery bags each and were filling them to the brim with all the scrap bundles they could fit in them. With their bags all spread out across the display shelves no one else could get in to the little booth. Even worse with only one exasperated little old lady on the register, it was going to take forever to ring it all up. I left in a huff and then raged about it all day. Petty I know, but in all the years I've been going to this thing I've never seen anything like it. Most people are aware of the extremely crowded environment and get in and get out of the crammed spaces very quickly so the lines move along. Not with these two. I better get in there early next year. Jeesh.


  1. It sounds as though they were either very inconsiderate of others by taking up so much space and also leaving little for others to purchase OR maybe it was completely innocent and they had no idea of how rude they were being.
    Either way I’m sorry you came away empty handed with no more supplies for rug hooking. I sure hope next year is better.

  2. Sorry this happened. I'm thinking I would have barged my way in to the booth...politely, of course (or not so much). As Betsy said, they may not have realized how inappropriate their behavior was.

  3. I'm sorry. Rudeness is hard to take anytime but can be worse in a situation like that.
    (Now I know what I can send you to thank you for the soap!)

  4. Some people are rude and don't think about others. Hopefully, you'll be able to find some lovely scraps somewhere else for a reasonable price.

  5. I'm sorry that happened to you!!!!! That was not very kind at all .....and mostly I find fiber people so generous ....and kind.

  6. That's so frustrating. I hate it when people are so selfish like that.

  7. Well that's obnoxious. Sounds like a couple of very greedy people. I woudn't call them ladies. When I was there I found the crowd size very frustrating but people were respectful of others like you say. Sounds like those two need some lessons in manners.

  8. That's so annoying. I'm sorry about those ladies. Good thing I wasn't there, I would've embarrassed both of us with my super unnecessary commentary, just exacerbating the whole situation. Anyhow, I would be ranting too. They sound super inconsiderate in greedy. Hope you are enjoying your hooking anyhow.

  9. I think as the festival gets more publicity each year, it attracts different sorts of people, and some are going to be less considerate than others. Those of us that go year after year are used to the sheer volume of goods and the don’t freak out. Others see a veritable wonderland and go berserk.

    I’m certainly not excusing these women, as they sound totally greedy. I’m just observing that over the years I’ve been attending, I’ve seen more and more people in a rush to get ahead of others. It definitely takes the fun out of things as I won’t even try to get into a booth swarming with shoppers. I like to see everything, but I like not getting angry more.