Thursday, May 10, 2018

Scrubby 101

 I got a lot of questions and complaints yesterday about Scrubby. I had to go do some homework to figure out what was going on. The Scrubby I was using was lovely and soft.

 After a trip to Walmart I figured out what was going on. There are TWO Scrubbies. The one I am using is cotton. The other one is not. It's polyester and yes, it is SCRUBBY. I can see it hurting your hands. Having said that I bought some anyway.

 I also picked up some more plain old cotton.

 I'm still on a roll with this pattern. I've got it memorized so it's a pleasure. I want a pile of them.

There is one big  boo boo on the last one. Look at that pretty Kitchener joining the halves. I couldn't do that on a sweater if I tried. It's wrong though. It looks terrible in the middle of all that garter stitch. I need to figure out how to graft in garter before I get that orange one done.


  1. Well thanks for clearing that up. I couldn’t imagine actually enjoying knitting with scrubby!!! :-)
    I really like that dishcloth pattern too and make lots of them. I just whip stitch the seams closed. Never thought of kitchenering them!

  2. I think they look great. Love that orange color.

  3. Lovely cloths! Im betting that the kitchener join will not be noticeable after the cloth has been washed.

  4. Now I get it! Thanks for clarifying. I'll look for the cotton kind to try.

  5. That's really good to know! I'll make sure to look for the fabric content because I'm sure the non-cotton would hurt my hands, too.

  6. I had to relearn the rhythm of the Kitchener stitch for garter, too! You can do it!
    Great new dishcloth colors!

  7. I crochet the two edges together. It is NOT seamless but it works